Lucy: the first 60 days.. and I don’t do crafts part 2.0

Well, this is the third year I’ve managed to not write a solitary thing during the month of December. I skipped November this year too. Oh well, I added to my plate remember? So, Jan 3rd is here and I have a few things to go over.

  1. I will try my hardest to write more. I love to do it. It makes me happy. And several of you have told me it makes you happy to read my posts. (which, with the exception of my mom who is my biggest fan and sometimes I think my only fan, is totally unexpected and kind and makes me happy to hear) So. I will Try. Here goes..
  2. We got a puppy. Yes. It was time. She is 12 weeks tomorrow.

Introducing Lucy Rose:img_1783

So Lucy joined us just in time for the holidays. She was welcomed with open arms and two very surprised children.. We didn’t tell them! And since then its like we have a newborn sibling. I have to admit, she is a good puppy so far and I welcome the company as I am home now most of the day by myself. If you ask the kids, they totes love her BUT she definitely takes up a lot of doll playing and x-box playing time around here.

It’s good for them, this new responsibility. They are soooooo very used to doing what they want, when they want; just hibernating in their own little worlds, especially in the winter months when activities slow down ….Lucy’s shaking things up. She’s bringing us together again, playing in the kitchen with the kids as I get dinner together. Forcing us to maybe watch a movie all in the same room and giving us an excuse to go in the back yard and throw around a ball or two. Almost all family activities during the past 2 months have included the little miss including our New Years road trip to visit friends in North Carolina… and she did it! 10+ hours in a packed Ram truck. Fit right in, that little munchie.









She’s a peach. (my new saying for 2017. I don’t know, just go with it.) Although she is no longer allowed on this rug. grrrrr….img_1767

My annual Holiday rewind besides all things Lucy goes a little like this:

Ugly Sweater party: checkimg_2239

Nutcracker and Brunch: check


All the drink options covered here. #winning

Santa Hayride: check*  Santa Brunch: check*

*disclaimer: we’re holding onto all things Santa by a real thin rope… My phase 3er (aka 11 year old…see a previous post) is on the fence if ya know what I mean. Now, nothing was concluded this year BUT I’m glad I have an entire year to come to terms with what lies ahead for next year’s Christmas Magic..

All school concerts, parties, ugly sweater and gingerbread house making: check**

**disclaimer #2: In what will go down as a record breaking year, I did attend EVERY SINGLE thing I was invited to as a parent on the school level. Now, I still have a “no room mom ever” rule so I wasn’t privy to the class parties BUT, I did attend 2 crafting sessions that helped me emerge from my usual “I don’t craft , I delegate the creation of the crafts.” norm.

In both circumstances I had a super fun time because there was the complete absence of rules and “how to” or wrong and right way. There was only childlike creativity which I thought was FANTASTIC and bravo to the teachers. Super fun and inspirational to see. We are lucky enough to live in a school district where we have art classes in school and every year these kids really pull out all the stops due to some very thoughtful and creative teachers. I was so happy to see this continue in the holiday activities. I’m a smidge tired of seeing so many perfectly planned “Pinteresty” crafts that would never come from the imaginations of a grade schooler. Their minds wonder much more abstractly and are naturally less rigid about art and being creative.


5th Grade project: Ugly shirt decorating using whatever you have that mom didn’t want to decorate with to be worn at the holiday concert. 


The beginnings of a 1st grader gingerbread creation…ALL decisions made by miss Eloise, I was only a contracted worker… 


The Masterpiece complete with a lifesaver truck. I loved it so much I made it the centerpiece in the kitchen mixed in among the bottle brush trees and deer antler wreath. 

To put it in terms of a FRIENDS analogy:

Art for a kid should be more Phoebe than Monica 😉

I mean look how little miss Eloise rolls to the Nutcracker at the Academy of Music for crying out loud.


Nobody puts Baby in the Corner

So there ya have it. We completed the festive month with a road trip that had us all shoved in a truck for, like I mentioned before, 10+ hours each way. We survived and had a BLAST visiting with old friends.


Those are “only 4 hours on the road so far” smiles… ha! 

I’ll leave you with a fabulous “craft” idea that was not mine. My friend Sarina told me about it.  Something she heard about from some lady named Martha Stewart  (have you heard of her?) Ha! This craft is actually doable and quite the time/money saver.

So ya know all those beautiful holiday cards that we all display so proudly (at least I do) for the entire month of December?

I always feel so bad but most of the time after the holidays except for some of family and friends that I do frame, they either get shoved in a box or tossed. Don’t lie, you all do it too. I’m not offended. Lets be real. So turns out Martha, (Oh that Martha, what a peach), suggests cutting the well wishes such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Joy to the World” out and saving them to use as package tags for the following year!!!

OMG, she should really do this for a living. (hee hee) Anyway, THAT’S a craft i can get my ass behind. So here you have it…img_2583



Holiday 2016. AAAAAANDDDD Scene!


Cheers to the new year friends, and RIP dear Princess…you inspired me to start writing. xo, friends.img_2445





I don’t do Halloween, part 3.

So this is the third year I’m writing about this and the truth is that I now do Halloween.

After years of diffusing it and making it not so fun… I’m all in. This is partly due to the fact that I now have a few more hours a week (like 15-20) where I’m not commuting on some highway in traffic, drinking black coffee while falling asleep at the wheel, and partly because it seems as though everyone else around me LOVES Halloween. So, I’m in.

I’m still buying my costumes on Amazon, like 12 hours before we need them but some things will never change.

Here’s a peek into how I’m spreading the spook this year…Be kind, I’m a beginner, and I still like things pretty. This will also never ever change.

Let’s work our way outside/in, shall we? Entry: Fall- meets- a very small serving of All Hallows Eve… A witch hat from a primitive craft store on a wreath I use every year in between seasons, some witch hands coming up from the dirt, and the obligatory hanging skeleton/ghost thing. Adding in many interesting and colorful gourds (well at least all the kids could carry to the car), mums, those red spiky things and last but not least, Pumpkins.


Moving inside, the dining room has been done for a while. I like to keep it “Martha spooky” by still using my milk glass and wine barrel lazy susan. I mixed in a few skeleton wine glasses with my vintage etched glass and added some black feathers and a spider web table-cloth for darkness….and of course there’s led twinkle light strands for evening. img_1044img_1043

Kitchen. This will be the main hub for trick or treat night when I usually have a crowd. This table will transform into snack-central. Candy, goldfish and juiceboxes galore. I think I mentioned last year that we reside in THE trick-or-treat neighborhood in town. Like, kids from other neighborhoods get dropped off here. So we host. After the kids go around the blocks twice or three times, they gallivant in the yard after all getting amped up on the sugar, so we adults eat, drink and be merry around the fire pit. There is always an excuse for a party. This lesson we have learned after there are no more babies/toddlers to deal with. (aka phase 1-ers…from an old post;) )

By DAY….


and NIGHT…I filled the hurricanes with plastic spiders and bat lights..wahahahaaaa


I’m sorry but aren’t these the cutest little stupid monster faces?


K. Family room. I never decorated this room for Halloween before. It’s a first. I just used some fabric to spook it up a bit and it also added to the warm and cozy effect. Candles, gourds, garland. Simple stuff.


and night. The only thing missing here on the table is the vino… img_1034

Last but not least I got this phone at target. When you walk by or pick it up it scares the shit out of you. (well, at least the first 3 times) The kids love it. And it’s growing on me too. The whole holiday is actually.

I guess never say never.

xo, friends!img_1021




The funny thing about Homegoods…

….and agreeing to help a friend pick out curtains, is that it can go one of two ways:

  1.  Boring, indecisive, wishy-washy and tears of frustration OR
  2. you pick the right friend, incorporate wine and have a few laughs and get something accomplished all at the same time.

I get this text one day…image

“Nice”, I say. “What else?”. She texts, “That’s where you come in.  You’re good at that, please help me.” hahahahah!! Yes, I do have a lot of experience when it comes to color combos, setting a room, and finding things online…BUT…I’ve always wondered how good I can be at not pushing too much of my own taste on someone who needs a little direction. I guess you can say it’s kind of like styling clothes, but with clothes you’re dealing with body type, fit and personality and function; all variables that narrow the choices a bit. Rooms have the same to do list too as far as fit, function and personality BUT I feel like there’s more room for pushing my own agenda here. Ha!

So why not start with someone who has the balls to tell you you’re nuts or on the other hand, also trust your wildest instincts because she’s seen you at your worst (bathroom on 21st birthday) and best (wedding day)?

The before is simple. Let’s make this makeover a sleepover too! so we start in the backyard with some Rosé and a catch up chat. imageimage

Then we pawn the kids off with her hubs and haul on down to Homegoods in search for curtains and a wall hanging that she fell in love with.

Wellllll, The wall hanging wasn’t as perfect as she remembered and we both fell in love with another piece that was way over budget. So, in a frenzy and a little giggly with rosé brain, we are immediately distracted by THIS… Like, where in the world does this fit in the suburbs of PA? They may need to transfer it across the bridge to a Jersey store…image

Ok after making quite a few friends over this piece, (including a fellow Jersey girl), we get back on task. She already has a few mirrors that she’d like to hang on the wall between the windows so I suggest a mirror over the couch. Now we’re cookin. Mirror in tow, and still making friends, she tells me all about these curtains she loves. And they are lovely.

And tan. And white.

Here’s where my bossy comes in. If you tell me you want to add color and pop, you can’t go with the curtains that are tan and white. And that couch is such a pretty shade of blue. It’s begging for some color to join it in the room. And she’s still giggly about that ferris wheel thing, not to mention the rosé. So I go for broke. Here:image

Note: I am holding those neutral ones off to the side now because clearly, I win and am making a case for COLOR again. We even got some of our new ferris wheel friends to approve. Here we go before she changes her mind, swiftly to check out. Not really sure if the mirror will fit in the car but whatever. We are invincible and our new friends will totes help out if needed. We’re a suburban shopping strip side show. Rosé. 

imageThe stars align and the mirror fits. We go back and eat a fabulous dinner and stay up chatting all night…and completely forget about the room. image

So the next night I get a text…motivation set in and she’s off. All she needed was a little bossy push.

She starts simple by hanging those mirrors as instructed. But those curtains, I’m getting worried as they lay on the arm of the couch…Will she change her mind?? image

And then a few days later I am giddy (no Rosé this time) with glee.. We have a transformed room .imageimageimage

Now all she needs is a little table and possibly a chair. I haven’t told her yet that I really would adore it if the chair was the chatruse color from the curtains and that the table was oval and mid-century style like the sofa and maybe on the gold metallic side of the fence… In my head it’s all working but that’s the problem. No one, not even a bestie can see all the colors working inside my head until I physically walk them through Homegoods after a glass of Rosé.

Cheers to seeing the world through rosé glasses…


xo friends!

Phase 3…because tween is a stupid word

A while back, like while potty training my 2nd child, I posted something on Facebook to the effect of:  “Potty training sucks. And to all you moms who tell me I will miss this someday I say…I will NEVER miss the poop. ”

Now, While I don’t exactly miss the poop, The idea of being in charge of someone’s whole day from start to finish, including personal hygiene, was shall we say MUCH easier than what lies ahead 10 years later.

I still have a 5 year old so not all is lost on controlling the majority someone’s day and I am occasionally needed in the loo but let me break down what’s been swirling around my (and many of my friends- don’t lie) heads lately.

Phase 1: Baby. The first baby, a baby boy, so unreal and foreign and cute and amazing and hard and sleepless, and messy and traumatizing and expensive and crazy and….NO. I wish I would’ve realized how awesome and I’m gonna say it…easier it was while it was happening. Which is why I enjoyed the second one’s first year much better.

Phase 2: toddler to little kid. so much running and bending and standing and running and playing and cleaning and running. BUT, you’re still happy to be out of the baby phase and they’re totally cute and it didn’t matter if the f-bomb flew out of their mouths at age 3 because it was soo f-ing cute. And as they get bigger like 7 thru 9 it’s all still cute (but not the f-bomb analogy anymore), playing with legos, and light sabers and making friends and talking about pokemon cards, and learning how to play sports for real but still just caring about the ice cream after the game.

Phase 3: I started to really miss babies about 4-6 months ago.

Whether or not you see it coming it literally happens over night. The bedroom door is closed as they are getting ready for school or anything.  They have an actual opinion about things and know stuff. Like smart stuff, history and math and science and they are not at all afraid to tell you when you are wrong. They lean in for a hug in stead of run into your arms.

And they are most likely staring at a screen of some kind for 60% of their waking hours. You can try and take the various devices away but you are also probably staring at one yourself so….you pick the argument you’d rather have. Also:

Dear Black, you bought them those devices. Love, Kettle.

On the other hand, Phase 3-ers still really love you too and they are not ready to fully let go of the Legos and Pokemon cards yet, and will still ask to sleepover in your room with little sis when dad is away. So there’s still time I realize to remember these little things before I forget. (as first depicted in the Baby Phase of baby #1)

So out of the blue I found this book that was recommended by one of my favorite Blogs



It’s about remembering the times that are happening before you forget them. Like, in the moment kind of stuff. Stuff I started to finally watch for with my 5 year old when I left my old career and started spending more time with her. It’s harder with the Phase 3-ers because they’re not home as much… Sports, activities and friends pull them away after school and weekends. But the book talks about even when you’re waiting for them in the car at the field or school, watch that time and remember it before you forget to.

Imma gonna try.

I also recently gave my Phase 3-er a room makeover. So  It’s been a while since it looked like this but here’s how we started in Phase 1:


I think I should mention this was back before iPhone pics were the norm and also back when I (ehem..) actually scrapbooked. I mean come on. Little miss Eloise was lucky to get a few pics a month shared over Facebook.  Don’t feel too bad though, she holds her own now…and usually runs the show.

Back to the new room for my Phase 3-er. We, no I,  went to the paint store and brought home swatches. He picked a fantastic color. I spent 13 hours painting the ceiling 3 times and the walls twice. We kept the furniture he had since big boy room makeover in Phase 2 and the Pottery Barn bedding I thought was so necessary to a 4 year old’s bedroom six years ago; thank God I didn’t pick out a character theme back then or soccer wouldn’t be the only thing that costs $900…he walked in when it was all done and said “cool, thanks”.

We also scaled back on the amount of things he had taped and pinned to the wall in the past 2 years and came to a compromise. We did not let go of all those Lego creations, some of which took days to finish. We’re both not ready yet. So I made showcase cubes out of an ikea unit and added colorful backing. Below are the results of the Phase 3 makeover:


we kept the dream catcher and bean bag chair from Phase 2 but updated the curtains


waiting for dad to build him a desk. stay tuned to my insta! in the mean time, a basket for the electronic devices and chargers


we kept the couch from Phase 1, and the Lego shelf is perched on the dresser


Star wars is still VERY IMPORTANT


Books that sometimes take a second place to the internet


LEGOs and awards….and deodorant


Bulletin board full of important artwork, friends messages and homework

So for now I think this will suffice for the perfect Phase 3-er escape. Most times it looks like this but at least I still can barge in whenever I want. image

Apparently watching British teens play video games instead of actually playing them yourself is a thing. And, being the best big brother that he could be…Little miss E is still welcome to hang. image

Phase 3-er in the making.

xo friends!



march madness

Well, since my Disney Coma I’ve been skitzing out on posting anything. First of all, winter is very uninspiring to me personally, and I don’t really ever want to spread my negativity or bad mood on this blog. You’re welcome. We finally got away to celebrate both 40th b-days (a year later because of last year’s broken arm mishap), and our upcoming 15 year wedding anniversary! Paradise was nice while it lasted…

But, eventually, you have to come home and get through the rest of the winter…so I found a new hobby..image

That’s where we are at. Things are looking up in the Northeast, thanks to that groundhog who didn’t see his shadow. Thanks Phil! So with warmer weather ahead, I always get inspired to tear things apart, make some good messes and create again.

Ya know when you go to Target and buy a can of gold metallic paint just because, and then 4 months later decide it’s time to use it somewhere? Oh, that’s just me? huh.

So that can of paint chose the inside of the front door to live. The white door was starting to get really dirty and I knew that it needed tending to, so instead of touching it up like  normal person would do, I went ahead and painted it gold. Now, I’m not completely random as I do have “some” experience with color stories etc…

I wanted to bring together all the warmth surrounding the white door. With the dark hardwood floor,  mustard walls in the dining room and the gold touches in the surrounding artwork, curtains and rug, gold seemed to be a good option. And, hey, I already had the paint! Here’s the progression..imageimageimageimageimage

Three coats and some touch up later…image

Feeling accomplished and happy to have used the paint finally.

Moving on…Of course I went to the flower show again this year and was so happy to be with my family girl squad and to be among all the beautiful exhibits.

And of course I had to purchase some succulents for my mantle. They are so cute and easy to take care of. I’m still loving the green groupings for a Spring mantle look. Thanks to Terrain for the inspiration. image

Also, I’ve been needing a new spring wreath for some time but haven’t had any new ideas. Thanks to the dried floral booth at the Flower Show I got just what I needed. And instead of the usual Pinterest or FB time suckers during lunch on Monday, I made a big old mess with dried flowers on my family room floor. Here’s what I came up with..(15 minutes total labor).

Sometimes all you need is a little warm weather, a few good spin classes and a night out with the girls to give you a push in the creative direction.

Happy Spring!  xo friends!!image

December Rewind

No matter who you talk to every year about this time (Christmas Eve, Eve), everyone’s all “I can’t believe Christmas is in 2 days”! Yep. People, I hate to burst your bubble but it’s the same day every year. Small talk is not my fav, but I digress.

I made a conscious decision to enjoy this month of December and to BOOK it with all the things that I have always been too retail bleary eyed to enjoy. And it’s been eye opening. I feel happy and lucky this December. Not happy go lucky. I’m still working my ass off or I wouldn’t be writing this at 9pm a whole month after my last post. But Happy and Lucky. Appreciative of my kids, husband, family and friends. I have been trying to acknowledge all the love on my plate lately. And just the act of being thankful can make one happy. Happiness as it turns out is a choice for the most part. I think I may be done being a miserable cow. I know those closest to me are thankful for that 😉


So here are some snaps of this past month. Some inspiration for you to consider for the next time you want to decorate, bake cookies, attend 4 parties in one weekend or just sit and watch your kids be kids.

I would like to make a commitment to write more this coming year. I’m working on what that’s gonna look like and where that will take me, if anywhere and if it even really matters. I like to write and take pictures so I’m just going to go with that. And practice. Heres a pretty interlude pic to get us started down my first December out of my retail fog….


First up, go OUT the whole week of Thanksgiving. For the first time in 20 years. Highlights were, a fun Friends-giving, watching the Macy’s Day parade on TV with the offspring AND not falling asleep at the Thanksgiving table. Finally, reuniting with a bunch of old friends from college for a night of laughter. What I wore:image

Next up: Let’s decorate; and NOT at 11pm on a Monday… On Black Friday. AM. In my PJs. Here are some highlights from the house; note please I never do the same thing in the same place from year to year. Mainly because I toss everything in boxes completely unlabeled and unorganized on New Years Day. It’s a little challenge I give myself every year. Keeps me fresh. Ha!

Mantle. New this year: felt garland, gold stars and “Jingle” bunting. It was one of 4 words I could spell with what I was given in the dollar spot package. So I let the kids decide.

Snippets. Railing featuring a living wreath, berry garland and more felt ball garland. (Feeling a little Scandanavian this year). The hall wall was sprinkled some gold beading, greenery and berries. And the bathroom downstairs features all my vintage stocking garland among the pics I took in Paris and mirrors.

Moving on to the tree. The kids really did the whole thing. This has been a tradition the past few years. Mainly because I’m such a freak about the rest of the decorations in the house. I give them the tree. It’s the least I can do. Plus in the past I was so OVER overseeing the trimming of 30+ trees I couldn’t stand to look at another one. They did a great job and had a great time. I only moved 10-12 ornaments, tops. 😉image

Wrapping is always a favorite activity of mine and this year I got seduced by sequins, black paper and gold and pink tissue. Whatever, the sequins counts for Holiday. I was SEDUCED by sparkle and PINK. It couldn’t be helped. BUT, the kids did their own shopping this year as well. And they wrapped their own gifts. Eloise still insisting that you must use an entire roll of tape per gift. See below. imageimageimage

Lets Talk about some of the parties. Shall we? First up: Ugly Sweater Party. I went as the Elfie Selfie this year. Also, new do. I see the mini bun all over Insta. Well, on me , “I call it the Cindy Loo Who” .image

Next a dinner with my Bestie and her fam. Our Mini Mes turned the gathering into an opportunity to try on ALL things festive. image

That Sunday we went to a delicious Santa Brunch with family.  Later that day (yes I double booked), we had a magical hayride with a truly magical Santa. Let’s just say that all the moms were in tears and if there were any 10 year old boys “on the fence” about the Santa thing, it was cleared up. Santa won.

We made it through that EPIC weekend pretty much unscathed and ready for more.

Next up. Cookies with Nana. Success, as 2 5 year olds, a 10 and a 2 year old did a fantastic job on a Wednesday night. I cleaned up and poured the wine for my mom as I am not the baker in the fam.

Moving on to the NEXT weekend…. the 40 year olds get to attended a 21st Bday. We may or may have not showed the younger set how to have a good time. Not only did my head hurt from the wine but my face hurt from the laughing. That is a sign of a good time. PS, I’m soooooo not in high heels shape these days. Gotta fix that.

The next day I classify as my Favorite day of the season every year. Nutcracker Day. It is my 36 or 37th year attending with my mom and Godmother, who introduced me to the arts and the fabulous city of Philadelphia,  give or take a few missed years in between. I have been sharing this with my own daughter for the past 3 years now. It’s such a joy (I know that sounds old to say but theres no other word) to see her swaying to the music and pretending to be a ballerina  in the audience. It’s a very special day for everyone, being in the city and among all the festive sights, and I hope to continue this for many years to come. Oh, and Mimosas fix everything.

So I come to tonight where I’m  looking forward to the next few days of festivities. The kids are so excited to be done school for a bit and we have a few surprises for them in the coming weeks. This is the first year I don’t have to be at work at 5:30am the day after Christmas. I will savor that. I will continue to be thankful each day for the little, and big things. Time moves very quickly and I don’t want to miss anymore than I already have.

I’m looking forward to the new year, just like I was last year. There is nothing I can do to predict if I’ll break the other arm (Jesus Christ please no), or insert another life de-railer, but I think my outlook is a little more healthy. A little more thankful, A little more happy with what I have.

Merry Christmas friends xoimageimageimage

as bright as the sun.

WAKE UP KIDS!!!! Mommy’s got a new paint color for your bathroom and it ain’t Celedon Green.

I do not shy away from color, not in my wardrobe or in my home. Some people joke, (well many people joke), that I don’t own anything black. Yes I do. They just happen to be a pleather pair of pants and a tulle skirt. to each his own. I love color, and am most energized in spaces of amazing color combinations. image

In the past few years I have kept to the downstairs interior theme of neutral/ grey on walls and pops of color on accessories, balanced by dark woods. The initial re-do was done all at once and I’ve just kept updating and adding along the way. Upstairs is a different story because I’ve been redo-ing one room at a time and each room really belongs to a different personality. My 5-year old girl, my 10-year old boy, my closet/office situation, and last but not least, the master bedroom —- desperately in need of a RE-DO.

Then there’s the guest/kids bathroom. It’s been this kid themed animal situation for a few years now and I’m sick of it and it’s blue walls. I’m going to pretend that the kids are sick of it too. I need a drastic, drastic change in there, and since I’m not in the position to replace the counter or tub yet, I chose to completely re-do the color palette.

I’ve always been drawn to orange but never for interiors really. Recently, I pinned some pretty fun color palettes including this happy color and I was inspired. So with the permission of my son ,(I had to ask at least), I went on a 3 day journey to transform the Turquoise to Orange, Hot pink and Navy blue.

Oh hey Hermit Crab, I'm about to set these walls on fire.

Oh hey Hermit Crab, I’m about to set these walls on fire.







Hmmmm I always kick myself for using the paint with the primer in it. IT SUCKS. every. single. time. (I should've known better as a retired VM shhh)

Hmmmm I always kick myself for using the paint with the primer in it. IT SUCKS. every. single. time. Way too thick and fast drying. (I should’ve known better as a retired VM shhh)

2 1/2 coats and 2 days later. (You try and accomplish a project like this during soccer season in less than a week. )

2 1/2 coats and 2 days later. Whatever. YOU try to accomplish a project like this during soccer season in less than a week.

Now we add in the pink. But not before freaking out that the whole thing is a mess and looks stupid and like CRAP. I can’t go back now because what do you paint over the crazy orange?!?! So I start adding in accessories before the walls are actually dry because that’s what we used to do in the windows at work.

Earth to Carin, you are not working inside a 9x6x12 box and you do not have to unveil this at 10am open of business. Old habits….

Hot pink trim in progress

Hot pink trim in progress…interrupted by hanging some black and white canvas of the kids as “littles”

adding the shower curtain because I needed to see the blue RIGHT NOW.

adding the shower curtain because I needed to see the blue RIGHT NOW.

After the panic passed and I could see how the pink and blue were actually going to pan out in real life and not those stunning Pinterest photos, I could then complete the pink and add yet another coat of orange. AAAAAAND, touch up all the orange spots on the ceiling 😉

4 coats and one leopard robe later....

4 coats and one leopard robe later….

Side note on the curtains… I originally hung a white cafe curtain tied back with orange ribbon. I HATED it; so much so that you guys don’t get to see it. Anyway, it didn’t work because even though there is a lot of color in here already and one would think, “keep it simple, we need more white.”, it was too stark and bright white. It was an eyesore. A focal point that I didn’t want to be the focal point.

So after looking for curtains online and remembering that I can’t stand regular curtains, (no offense), I ran to Joanne Fabrics on day 5 to get a few yards of fabric to do something with. I know. I’m complicated and crazy. BUT, I was never going to find the color/pattern combo in the allotted time in my head, which was the next 24 hours, that made me happy in the way of a real curtain.

The thing is if you really spent some time investigating, you’d find that my home is a series of temporary “window displays”. Nothing is all that permanent and that’s the point. That’s pretty much the reason that I never feel bad about changing things up like once a year or even more often than that. As long as it looks permanent but is super easy to part with, everyone wins; my ever-changing color palette taste, my bank account…everyone.

I needed to find a smaller pattern in the same blue that had some white in it, which I did in the way of a small polka-dot pattern. Then I thought it would be nice to incorporate a bit more pink since that was really only in the trim, so I found a pretty, not too feminine pink pattern. I wanted to cover the tension rod ugliness so I just wrapped the blue around it and then tied up, yes, tied up the panel of pink. I hung one more tension rod to the lower half of the window and just hung the rest of the blue dot fabric over; folded in half. No sewing, no drilling, no nailing, no pins or staples. staples? Yes, I have been known to do this on occasion. We are done. 2 yards fabric for $11 and a pair of scissors.

faking it

faking it

I did purchase some pom-pom ribbon from Joanne’s too…becasue it was asking me to buy it, all fuzzy and vintagey looking…so I hung it from the mirror I’m not ready to replace yet. That wasn’t enough so I added some blue garland from the ceiling. Full party mode at 7am now for the kiddos. You’re welcome.

every morning is a party

every morning is a party


wash your little faces

wash your little faces

brush your teeth!!

brush your teeth!!

and take care of your hermit crabs!

and take care of your hermit crabs!

XO friends!image

How to refinish a closet in 2 years and a big girl room in 1 week.

So it may snow in July because I finished my “closet”. Truth is it could very well snow because we did just have a tornado in South Jersey. But I digress.

So this closet project of mine stems from the fact that I use one of the four bedrooms in our house as my closet. And before you get all “it must be nice” on me, the room was turned into a closet before we bought the house. I just placed my belongings in it. And PS, I like my space. We don’t get a lot of overnight guests and the kids each have their own rooms so its been a good set up so far.

Anyway, after some consideration I did want to make some sort of respite for the occasional visiting family member or friend other than my 9 year old’s trundle. So for mother’s day, my husband ripped down the “shoe wall” and we finished painting and made space for a bed. (see the “unfinished business” post from 8 months ago for a refresher).

Good news is that this all tied into the re-do of Miss Eloise’s room for her big 5th birthday! Take the day bed from her and get her a new headboard and create more space for her to play (i.e. hoard things) in the process.

Take a look. I’m pretty pleased. Especially since this gave me a real live creative outlet that I’ve been lacking for the last 5 months from the broken arm situation. And now that I’m no longer in the retail biz, I will need to create more of these extra curricular projects to feed the creative bug inside my head. They will not always be this big of an undertaking but I’m sure I’ll find projects and rooms to rip apart.

Watch out friends….If I come into your home with a tape measure and power drill or 8′ ladder, you may be the next victim. You can pay me in coffee or wine depending on the time of day.

Below is the updated finished closet. I guess I’ll have to stop calling it that as it is a fully functioning guest room as well. Whatever.


the cozy bed nook and some visual window props from yesteryear and a beautiful milk glass lamp my best friend’s mom gave to me when her mom passed….


above the bed are some Rubin Toledo illustrations I snagged from old window installations, wedding pics and a framed tribute to my pop pop the shoemaker

above the bed are some Rubin Toledo illustrations I snagged from old window installations, wedding pics and a framed tribute to my pop pop the shoemaker

some fave pics I used to have at my desk at work... Stella Mcartney as a toddler, Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's, My sweet pug Maggie...

more above the bed; some fave pics I used to have at my desk at work… Stella McCartney as a toddler, Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My sweet pug Maggie and some Carry On’s…

all the baubles piled on top of my kids old changing table

all the baubles are piled on top of my kids’ old changing table, a pic of my Nana’s wedding day is next to my own, and my ballerina slippers from when I was 5.

a framed tear from an old J.Crew catalog that pretty much describes my style

above the changing table; a framed tear from an old J.Crew catalog that pretty much describes my style table books for every empty surface I can pile them onto.

and…coffee table books for every empty surface I can pile them onto.

Here's the new

Here’s the new “shoe wall”; trimmed down quite a bit as I recently parted with 30 pairs…see ya ladies, moving on.


the old

the old “shoe wall”

a shot of the actual closet space on the other side of the room. i am not afraid of a little color...

a shot of the actual closet space on the other side of the room and more of the ladder shelf I purchased for my shoes from . i am not afraid of a little color…

So that’s that. Closet chapter closed. 2 years in the making. On the other hand it took me all of 1 week to get that little Pistol Annie’s room fixed up just right… take a peek!

big girl bed! Headboard from beautiful butterfly quilt from

big girl bed! Headboard from and beautiful butterfly quilt from


nessecary book nook

necessary book nook

even more necessary art station

even more necessary art station

When little princess was a baby I made this dollhouse for her from a shelving unit purchased from Wal-Mart. I ordered doll furniture off Amazon, taped some craft paper to the shelves to look like wallpaper and bought some wall vinyls of little woodland creatures to add to the kitsch. I made a roof and chimney from ribbon scraps. viola. Doll House for under $100.


i meet come on look at how stinking cute this baby nursery is.

i meeeean come on look at how stinking cute this baby nursery is.

admittitly, I sometimes go into her room and set everything up just so...

admittedly, I sometimes go into her room and set everything up just so…

The window treatments are (get ready) an old Anthropologie paper calendar that I tore apart to re-use all the pretty prints (i couldn’t bear to toss it away).  I threaded it through some burlap and just flung it over the curtain rod.

I purchased those

I purchased those candle “chandeliers” in  2001 at a store that no longer exists. Illuminations. They used to hang in the living room of our old house. Reuse and repurpose all the stuff people!!!


The wall decor is the same as when her crib and day bed were just below. A vintage ABC poster find from her brother's nursery, a hawiian dress my parents brought back for her before she was born, some early artwork done in daycare, a picture from my big girl room in the 80's, and a butterfly garland purchased from the flower show

The wall decor is the same as when her crib and day bed were just below. A vintage ABC poster find from her brother’s nursery, a Hawaiian dress my parents brought back for her before she was born, some early artwork done in daycare, a picture from my big girl room in the 80’s, a bird from an old holiday trim at work (his name is spot), and a butterfly garland purchased from the flower show

And every girl needs a bauble station like her mommy….DSC_0353

and also a place to put her stuffed animals…We’re currently on a 4 at a time rotation. She keeps the rest in her tent and in various spots throughout the house and cars. DSC_0344

There you have it. 2 years to finish my mess and 1 week for Pinky Dinky Do’s big girl retreat. Hope you enjoyed the pics and get inspired to move some of your own “crap” around and re-invent! Or call me… I have power tools and a ladder 😉

xo friends!!DSC_0396