on the cusp

Memorial Day weekend is such a tease. What I’m learning from my work from home role and also as the kids get older is that waiting for the end of the school year is like waiting for nail polish to dry if you are painting your nails outside in 98 degree humid July heat. It feels like the actual summer will never, ever start.

Everyone was so amped up about good weather FINALLY making it to the Northeast  States, and Memorial Day weekend was epic in many aspects. First and foremost, me jail braking the kids out of school a little early because I’m not chained to setting up and working a retail holiday weekend sale anymore. Also, we finally had one weekend away from sports and headed to the beach to do all of our absolute favorite family things: beach, boat, sun, swim, porch, bike, repeat.



Only to have it all feel like a dream…This Tuesday was the “Monday-ist Tuesday ever”.

Relax, I’m not gonna get all Sad Sally here. I realize that in 2 weeks it will officially be summer break and as usual we are almost planned out till August 31st. I also realize that in 2 weeks or so I will be yelling at my kids to get outside and wait while I finish work until we can go crash a pool. Oh and “Boo hoo…your life must suck as the only kids in town without a pool…but I guess the beach house doesn’t count now does it?” I’m sounding a lot like my mom in 1986, (sans the beach house..we had a sprinkler and a slip and slide).

So that’s my random rant. On to all things “on the cusp” aka “early June”.

imageMakeshift outdoor offices are the key to working from home.

imageMakeshift outdoor offices turn into twilight wine and relaxation area…

When you go away for Memorial Day weekend and come home to sad peonies who have been attacked by a nearby wisteria plant. grrrr… imageSo, you cut them. And enjoy.

Lastly, on the fashion front (well not really..just personal style front). I purchased my yearly 6 pack of white men’s Hanes tanks. I’m thinking about single-handedly bringing them back. There are not many garments in my opinion with the exception of the denim jacket and possibly leopard flats that go with EVERYTHING in one’s closet.

Dress it up, down, and around it. The 6 pack costs $9.99 and is universally flattering to all shapes and sizes. Don’t ask me how. It just is. Trust and Believe. I’ve been dedicated to these since 1993. Wore them all the way through 2 pregnancies too. A few examples:

imageWith Culottes 

With a skirt, any skirt; Long, short, or this vintage cotton 1970’s skirt printed with white and pink lambs…

You can even layer it under a dress, or THIS skirt that is now doubling as a dress. 97 cents on a clearance rack at Old Navy, friends. These are the odd things that never sell at Old Navy full price; A black viscose, shiny midi skirt. These cast offs always call my name. imageIt’s totally unacceptably wrinkled though… apologies to my visual merchandising friends. 

And with the trusty denim bottom, jeans, shorts, skirts…you get it. image

May I also recommend fun accessories. Since the tank is the simplest of garments and white, you can pretty much choose anything!

It’s no secret I own lots of Baubles. I lean towards kitschy earrings like bees or birds to go with plain white tanks and arm candy for days mixed with watches that I don’t really use to tell time when sleeves disappear in the summer. The last pic is an ode to wooden bangles. If any of you have ever worked with me in my styling days, I was always on the hunt for wooden bangles for the mannis to wear in the windows. They too, are a universal, go with all summer looks, essential. 

So that’s my hard sell on the basic men’s Hanes tank (or Jockey, whatever brand you prefer. I’m sure theyre made in the same factory ;)). June has officially begun!! On the cusp of another fabulous summer!

Now if I can only find a reason to rock this vintage Marc by Marc Jacobs on a random Wednesday in June…image

xo friends!!




march madness

Well, since my Disney Coma I’ve been skitzing out on posting anything. First of all, winter is very uninspiring to me personally, and I don’t really ever want to spread my negativity or bad mood on this blog. You’re welcome. We finally got away to celebrate both 40th b-days (a year later because of last year’s broken arm mishap), and our upcoming 15 year wedding anniversary! Paradise was nice while it lasted…

But, eventually, you have to come home and get through the rest of the winter…so I found a new hobby..image

That’s where we are at. Things are looking up in the Northeast, thanks to that groundhog who didn’t see his shadow. Thanks Phil! So with warmer weather ahead, I always get inspired to tear things apart, make some good messes and create again.

Ya know when you go to Target and buy a can of gold metallic paint just because, and then 4 months later decide it’s time to use it somewhere? Oh, that’s just me? huh.

So that can of paint chose the inside of the front door to live. The white door was starting to get really dirty and I knew that it needed tending to, so instead of touching it up like  normal person would do, I went ahead and painted it gold. Now, I’m not completely random as I do have “some” experience with color stories etc…

I wanted to bring together all the warmth surrounding the white door. With the dark hardwood floor,  mustard walls in the dining room and the gold touches in the surrounding artwork, curtains and rug, gold seemed to be a good option. And, hey, I already had the paint! Here’s the progression..imageimageimageimageimage

Three coats and some touch up later…image

Feeling accomplished and happy to have used the paint finally.

Moving on…Of course I went to the flower show again this year and was so happy to be with my family girl squad and to be among all the beautiful exhibits.

And of course I had to purchase some succulents for my mantle. They are so cute and easy to take care of. I’m still loving the green groupings for a Spring mantle look. Thanks to Terrain for the inspiration. image

Also, I’ve been needing a new spring wreath for some time but haven’t had any new ideas. Thanks to the dried floral booth at the Flower Show I got just what I needed. And instead of the usual Pinterest or FB time suckers during lunch on Monday, I made a big old mess with dried flowers on my family room floor. Here’s what I came up with..(15 minutes total labor).

Sometimes all you need is a little warm weather, a few good spin classes and a night out with the girls to give you a push in the creative direction.

Happy Spring!  xo friends!!image

The age of Aquarius


I couldn’t have said it better myself. All of that. And I’ve become more true to the definition of an Aquarius as I’ve gotten older. There’s no hiding for an Aquarius. We usually put it all out there. And I’m proud of that.

Always slightly different from the pack. Enough to be original and not too much as to alienate myself.

Water baby. Love the water, the sun, the outdoors to a fault. Les miserable in the winter months. Which is why I find it really strange that the Aquarius is born in the dead of winter. So anyway, I celebrated the big 40 (I hate that saying) last weekend. It was a bunch of small celebrations with family mostly. The big bonus? For the first time in I think 10 years it didn’t snow and was above freezing.  I have some fun sunshiny trips and outings planned for the rest of the year to feed my water sign personality so don’t worry, it’s a full year of celebrating. I think that’s fair for forty right?

Lets recap in pictures!

saturday started with some hot yoga (my new favorite thing) and continued in a normal fashion and then I put on a sequin skirt and went to dinner with my family. Food, WINE, and family.


Sunday was a real treat. Sunday I went to the spa with the beauties pictured above. And then some delicious fresh Mexican mmmmm…



A champagne surprise!

A champagne surprise!


The wallpaper here was trippy...

The wallpaper here was trippy…


I can not explain in words how good this was.

I can not explain in words how good this was.

A perfect gift from a super amazing cousin.

A perfect gift from a super amazing cousin.

I wanted to take this chair but I think it would have been frowned upon.

I wanted to take this chair but I think it would have been frowned upon.

Monday (my actual birthday) hubs told me to take the day off and we wandered around sans les enfants. Not to worry the kids gave me gifts Friday (my new yoga pants and a gift card for many yoga classes!) and we celebrated after gymnastics on Monday with waffles and ice cream. Mr. 3rd grader thought it would be fun to write the numbers 4-0 in chocolate sauce on the waffles as well.  And I can’t help but mention the fact that elliemonster wrapped up one of my moms necklaces and gave it to me as her very own gift.

But back to Monday afternoon. Meandering through Longwood Gardens.

We spent most of the time in the conservatory with all the retirees because it’s February but just being around flowers, plants and life was re-energizing  and inspiring. Then onto a very relaxing, almost vacation like lunch at Terrain.

We didn’t talk about the kids. Yes we did. But not the whole time. Some pics…

Reminded me of the old lady's mansion in Great Expectations

Reminded me of the old lady’s mansion in Great Expectations


The largest green wall in the world (this is only a section obvi because that's a pretty big statement)

The largest green wall in the world (this is only a section obvi because that’s a pretty big statement)


For the ride home

For the ride home

A few more gift snaps…

Another amazing special gift from a super amazing cousin. We have a very creative family ;)

Another special gift from another super amazing cousin. We have a very creative family 😉

My new grown up bag

My new grown up bag

A gift from a friend and a gift to myself...

A gift from a friend and a gift to myself…

So that was that. Super appreciative of all the good wishes and all the thoughtful gifts and fun moments. Looking froward to 10 more months filled with fun 40 celebrations because more than a few of you are turning that same number…

Getting a little closer each year.

Getting a little closer each year.

Here’s to us!

Xo friends!