Take me AWAY..

Since my heart belongs to summertime and we don’t live in the Florida Keys (yet), our family, or sometimes just me and my husband, try to plan a warm getaway sometime in the winter. This has gotten increasingly hard as the kids get older because well, I guess school and that learning thing is kinda important.. This year we carved out some time and are about to fly AND sail away to much warmer locations. I’m sure I’ll write about it after but this post is reserved for the pre-shopping and pre-getaway packing.

I love packing for warm vacations. Especially in the winter…although sometimes I get a spray tan just to try on outfits and swimwear so I don’t blind myself…buying Swim suits used to be easier than buying jeans, until age 40. But hey I’m with the mindset of you gotta wear one to get in the water and swim up to that bar for a mai tai or snorkel or swim or have fun with your kids so get yourself a swim suit style and brand you like (just like denim) and buy ALL of them.

I thought I’d share my love of a swimsuit brand that I’ve pretty much stuck with for the past 4 years now. many of you know about them already: CUPSHE. God knows where that name came from but I’ve found success! Now disclaimer… for the tankinis and 2 pieces, you can not mix and match sizes, they come as a set. I do have boobs but they’re not bazookas (I’m really between a b and c cup) and I do have an Italian booty…I am a straight Medium when it comes to the sizing for this brand. Top and Bottom and one piece. In the case that you may need two different sizes, this may not be the brand for you. The tops come with removable pads so in my case I usually take them out but if you need a little extra padding they are perfect. The suits are all lined with a very thick and comfortable fabric. Lots of movement. And never sweaty. OH and I have washed and dried each of them several times and no shrinking or fraying. Here are links to a few of my faves and some in real life pics.

OK Now, This Jersey girl loves a little southern Cali style, especially on vacation… Relaxed pieces that you could wear over your swimsuit or out to happy hour. So let’s talk Billabong for a sec…

Hats. I typically wear baseball hats all summer long. (see pics above) Protecting the face from the UVs is top of the list especially with our excessive tanning history in the 80’s and 90’s right ladies??…The hat below has traveled with me from 3 Jersey Shore towns to Exuma, Bahamas and back and soon, it will be visiting Miami, Mexico, Belize, Honduras with me. It not only gives great shade but since it’s lined with fabric, it completely protects your face and even shoulders, and chest. And the handy dandy string keeps it from flying off when we are on a boat or in windy weather. But how do you pack it you ask? I wear it to the airport and put it under my seat on the plane. easy peasy. See how cute? I couldn’t find the exact one so below is a link to a very similar one.

link for this suit included below 😉

Breezy sweaters…Billabong wins again in this category… linked below is a new off-white one I purchased this year. Goes with bathing suits, shorts, over a sundress, a maxi skirt or jeans. Gonna link it here as well. Fits a bit oversized in the sleeves and blousey just the way I like it. Since Billabong is technically a junior brand it runs a little small so mine is a medium.

Breezy maxi dresses… Billabong wins again! I got this one in the fall actually and wore it already 4-5 times. First time to a christening in September, with bare legs and open toe heels. I also wore it on December 1st for our Anniversary dinner with black tights and thigh high suede boots! Again, medium for me. BUT I washed it in cold and hung to dry. Still kept its shape and size. I’m planning on bringing this puppy with me for a breezy evening on the top deck of the cruise ship where you will find me hiding from my children and sipping a chilled Sav Blanc.

OHHHHH so excited to get away, Except that my closet currently looks like this now. (see below) Anyone have any cool vaca plans this winter? Message me on FB or Insta! I’ll be posting more Vaca inspired pieces on my FB page tomorrow too! Cheers and Happy Weekend!! xo, cc


Coffee, Water, Wine (The father, the Son and the Holy Ghost)

…and not necessarily always in that order. 😉

As many of you know, I love recommending products and shopping for other people. I love styling people, giving gifts, lending accessories to friends for occasions, and generally sharing the wealth of my retail experience and shopping addiction. I absolutely love seeing a smile or hearing a little yelp when someone loves the way they look after we search for the perfect outfit or accessory, or when opening a gift they never would have thought to buy themselves, or when I can help someone find a few meaningful pics or artwork to hang in their home. For this reason, I’m going to be sharing more about my favorite things this year. I’ll be providing links on my FB page as well as on the blog and tagging stuff on my Insta. So you can have some not so random references for my sometimes random creative thoughts and projects 😉

And since I do sell that fancy Clean Crafted Vino… (see the link on my home page…) I thought I’d spend a few minutes on the subject of my very favorite liquids as listed above and the accessories I use to contain them. And links will provided so feel free to shop with abandon…

Lets start with my first love…. Black COFFEE. Yes Black. And strong. And usually not flavored. I started drinking it in 1993 while sitting around watching the famous “friends” on that velvet sofa drink coffee and waste the day away, much like we did in college in the 90’s. I started drinking it BLACK when I realized that I couldn’t steal the sugar and milk from the cafeteria and any extra $$ was reserved for new combat boots, slip dresses, black honey Clinique lipstick and the $5 happy hour at the River Deck, so NO ROOM in the funds for coffee accoutrements. My long, lustrous and laborious retail career in the late 90’s-2015 had me HOOKED on skinny lattes. As many as three a day. Making up for that lack of milk in college I guess ha! Post retail, I’m happily back to drinking it black, and at home…. Oh how I love you Coffee.

Since I take it with me everywhere (like my water) I have a favorite receptacle. It sits nicely on my dash in my car and keeps it piping hot..

WATER. It’s necessary. But I happen to always have been a fan. Some people need flavor. Some people need bubbles. Some people need both. I do enjoy a lemon Pellegrino from time to time but I gave up soda and juice for Lent once in high school and never went back. Saving the calories for the vino obvi.. 😉

So in order to make sure I guzzle enough H2O to hydrate after all that black coffee and before binging Neflix with a few glasses of red…I tote my water around in this! (Yes people I also have the trendy Hydroflask like my 9 year old but this one fits in my car cupholder and keeps it just a s cold) She’s a little beat up but I like her 😉

Rose Gold Metallic…Corkcicle Canteen Classic Collection – Water Bottle & Thermos – Triple Insulated Shatterproof Stainless Steel,25 oz: $34.95

WINE. The love affair was bound to happen. It’s in my Italian blood. I must admit though I wasn’t always a fan. She courted me a long time through many bad headache inducing choices… Lessons learned I now enjoy the most, a nice dry red blend or a delicious sav. blanc al fresco, (or I’ll drink it indoors, I’m so not picky hahah) Selling and belonging to Scout and Cellar has taught me about the benefits of Clean Crafted wine and for whatever reason I feel much better in the head and tummy when drinking Clean. Since it is my libation of choice it’s made a real difference. BUT No advertising here..If you’d like to learn more just open up that tab on my home page.

I will share with you though, a few goodies… I discovered a new fave last night. I opened this bottle of Pinot Noir (see below) as I started the series Peaky Blinders on Netflix (sidebar… WHY have I not watched this yet????? There are FIVE seasons to this 1900’s English/Irish mob drama, where have I been??) Anyway, I have never really been a Pinot Noir fan. Except for Meiomi Pinot Noir. That one had me at hello. This wine (at least for my tastebuds) is super comparable and Clean Crafted so winner, winner. I’ve discovered a new Pinot Noir I can love. Like I said link’s provided. You decide 😉

Favorite glasses. Below…Crate and Barrel Camille 23oz. You may recall how the show Scandal made them highly coveted. So of course I had to have them. And now I am on my second set because 6″ stems and klutzy Magee (aka, me) don’t mix well…but aren’t they divine?

$14 Each @crateandbarrel.com

Well I recently discovered a less expensive option for klutzes like me who may need to replace yearly (or monthly ha!) Here ya go!

Accessories and gifts! …

I recently brought these coasters (along with wine) to 2 separate favorite things parties. They are so fun and made by a girl in NYC. A small biz with a super kitzchy product, perfect for hostesses and bffs.

Also purchased this year at the beach, was this cutie wine tote. I ended up getting one for my BFF as well for her birthday. They are hand made from boat canvas and leather and sooooo freaking cute. Got mine at BandB south in Ocean City. I took a little close up to show you who makes it…

Ummmm and Have I mentioned to anyone how I transported 8 bottles of my Scout and Cellar wine unharmed to Exuma this summer. 1 car, 2 planes, and one jeep and some rough terrain later…I unpacked and enjoyed them with my mom and Suz all week long! Reusable and Super Duper Thick as Hell. These carriers are the bomb!

Last but certainly not least is how to open those bad boys quick as a bunny (and safe the cork nicely for craft projects…if I did crafts) fave opener below..

Hope you find a new fave here. As always with whatever the occasion or liquid.. Cheers friends!

xo, cc


Curb Appeal

It has come to my attention that I haven’t put in nearly enough effort in the fall transition on the front porch. Honestly? It’s still summer; Technically AND in my head. Many of you are familiar with my favorite hashtag of all time #lovesummerhateeverythingelse. I can’t take credit for this tag but I do borrow it frequently from the famous fashion blogger/stylist Leandra Medine from the famed Manrepeller site.

I digress. So needless to say I am not ready for orange pumpkins or mums of any sort yet. I hold off on all that until at LEAST October 1st. Something about my Nordstrom training to take one holiday/season at a time. It’s embedded in my soul even though Target put the Christmas section up this week…. aghhhhhh!! But yes, there needs to be a slight changeover since the hybiscus and petunias have burned out and there are no flowers in the front pots, and my summer wreath was a bright white dogwood.

So yesterday,I changed the wreath to my standard Fall (before Thanksgiving), velvet and twiggy swag style wreath from last year; $30 at Homegoods of course… I also added this cute Hello decal (I know so trendy right now). Quite frankly, I ordered it on an Etsy shop so I could get free shipping on something else and had no idea where I was going to put it. It was $3. I teased these pics on Insta yesterday after I realized the pots are lonely and the doormat is harboring mold, ants, moss, and is about 100 lbs. now because its soaked. But it was a start.

With no time to get all fancy with visiting a local farm because, you guessed it, SOCCER, I headed to Home Depot. (I know, shame on me). I was inspired by a few pics I came across on Insta and Pintrerset. No mums, lots of grasses, maybe a few blooms.

Sooooo, I took what I could get and realizing the the temps are going back into the 80’s this coming week I chose some late summer grasses and a ground covering..and without my husband’s green thumb I tossed those puppies in the planters before he could tell me I was doing it wrong. 😉 Here’s what I came up with for $68. 7 plants and 2 cinnamon broom sticks to keep those bugs away. As the weather turns colder I will definitely Add some purple cabbage and then the white and orange pumpkins…followed by the “not so Halloween” Halloween decorations.

Now that that was done…Stepping back I completely forgot about the moldy, mossy doormat…So off to Target I go. There’s no time to wait for a custom Etsy purchase because… we have, You Guessed It! Soccer!!! Here’s what I did… Ive been looking for a larger mat with no luck because I don’t want it to be that thick kind that can get soaked and heavy, and I’d like to get something that is somewhat cleanable. So I chose the large black indoor/outdoor mat (similar to what you’d see in a store entrance.) $19.99 with a 5% cartwheel discount and a 5% redcard discount. Then I layered it with that pretty woven burlap doormat by Magnolia Home. (Oh Joanna and Chip I love you two) $14.99 with a 5% redcard discount. I finished by adding a cute welcome mat to the bottom step. $12.99 with a 5% cartwheel discount and a 5% redcard discount….. for a grand total of $42.21 spent at Target. (in adddition to $100 more on snacks obvi..)

Finally satisfied (for the rest of September at least), I sit down to finish some work and open my emails to find that Anthropologie must be “big bothering” me today because apparently I need one of these to complete the look. Isn’t it so WEIRD when that happens????

Which one should I get??

For more Entryway and early fall inspo, click on these boards on my Pinterest account! Happy September friends!

xo, cc

Pillow Talk

It all started with this FB add….

I”ve been pinning a ton of this color lately when looking home furnishings pics. I love that deep turquoise, almost green, but in VELVETS and accented by Fur (faux of course) for fall and into holiday instead of the traditional reds and greens. So of course I look around and my living room is still screaming #lovesummerhateeverythingelse…. story of my life ha! So you guessed it! What’s the cheapest and most efficient way to update your living area from summer to fall?? PILLOWS my friends.

Here we have the before. Island Cottage Vibe, shells and all.

I decided that since the color inspiration was triggered by a post from H&M Home…that’s where I’d start. I was a bit nervous because I’d never ordered from the home store before. Wasn’t sure if it would hold up quality wise….took my chances. I was delighted to see that there were a ton of pillow COVERS to choose from. And they were all pretty lux for the low price when they arrived. Ya see, if you go to most stores, you’ll find accent pillows but not necessarily just the covers. This way, I’m not aimlessly collecting more pillows for which I have no storage, but I’m simply covering up one seasonal look with another. Win, Win.

Here was the final cut

I intended to keep a few original ones as well as pull some from other rooms where I have other accent pillows like my closet/office/guest room… Here’s how it turned out…I swapped out the two large blue paisley ones for 2 velvet black and white Ikea covers I had in my closet, I also incorporated a small sequins one I had on the guest bed. I kept the large blue floral one to keep the feel with the gallery wall above, and covered an old one from my bedroom with the new lux faux fur one from H&M and finally covered the rest of the little ones with the 3 new little velvet ones. Still bright and cheery and same style but more seasonal.

As for the coffee table, side table and mantel, (oops i forgot to post a before of the mantel…but just picture lots of shells surrounding the pics) Here’s the turnout… Went to Trader Joe’s for some essentials for a wine tasting I’m hosting this weekend and found these ADORABLE Day of the Dead succulent pots. $3.99 each. I added this adorable skeleton fashionista I found at Home Goods to an old fall wreath I made a while back and no longer use outside because it’s so dry, it’s literally disintegrating but it still looks good ha! Enter some spooky Halloween Candles, a Sparkle Star garland, some spicy scented candles and Voila… Fall Invasion. Or my version of it. Let’s call it an “ok I accept that the seasons are changing but its still 80 degrees outside and I am not ready for the Thankful and Blessed AF decor yet…” style. 😉

Side note… I’m having a wine tasting sort of open house tomorrow (plook for post next week!) so OF COURSE there are extra florals… I choose Dark Pink and RED Gerbers to mix with dried wheat… Also added a few gourds to the mix in the office. Hopefully it’s not too early and they won’t go rotten before the 31st…

As always please visit my pinterest boards for some more inspiration. Happy Styling! xo, cc

September. Reboot.

Hi. It’s been a bit. Like 3 years. Lets recap…

Sept. 17, 2014 2am. : I started this little lifestyle blog as a creative outlet to my already creative visual merchandising retail career.

March 2015: Broken arm.

June 2015: quit said retail career, joined the carpet cleaning family biz, and continued to blog right here….

Sept. 2015: I was lucky enough to start selling and styling products for India Hicks, dream come true, while still working at the carpet cleaning biz and continued to blog right here….

Jan 2016: quit blog cold turkey. wasn’t feelin’ it. Sorry Princess. This was my last post…

Since then… I’ve been helping friends and fam shop and redecorate rooms in their homes on the fly; planning parties; floral arranging for fundraisers, b-days, communions, hayrides, beef and beers etc..; styling ladies for nights out and weekends away; honing in the art of gift giving (all for hobby), oh and… selling fabulous Clean Crafted Wine!! (which we’ll get into later I promise).

Sept. 1, 2019: I went back to this little bitty blog for a laugh or two with the realization that I’ve still been doing all the things I used to write about but haven’t been sharing it except for bits on Insta and here and there on a closed FB group. Since IH closed her doors this June I’ve been wrestling with what can be next for me creatively? I have cut back on my Insta posts and FB page info because I needed a break, and I realized that I would like to use my professional creative skills, well… professionally again. I already have a domain, and following on all those channels, and its all able to be connected here. so,

Duh Carin. @lifeofgorgeouschaos…..is the landing spot.

Sept 4th, 2019: School starts tomorrow and so does my new biz.

I’m starting before I’m ready because I thrive under chaos. Ha! I have no service menu yet, nor pricing available BUT Don’t let that stop you from inquiring and spreading the word. In the coming weeks I will be re-doing this site and adding all those things listed above, plus a portfolio of what I can help create. Your favorite Mary Tyler Moore/Rhoda mix is back.

It’s a little bit of all the things I’m good at: a la carte. Tailored to the client and their creative needs. So stay tuned!! And THANK YOU for sticking with me! and Oh Yes…I AM still selling that wine

xo, cc 😉

Lucy: the first 60 days.. and I don’t do crafts part 2.0

Well, this is the third year I’ve managed to not write a solitary thing during the month of December. I skipped November this year too. Oh well, I added to my plate remember? So, Jan 3rd is here and I have a few things to go over.

  1. I will try my hardest to write more. I love to do it. It makes me happy. And several of you have told me it makes you happy to read my posts. (which, with the exception of my mom who is my biggest fan and sometimes I think my only fan, is totally unexpected and kind and makes me happy to hear) So. I will Try. Here goes..
  2. We got a puppy. Yes. It was time. She is 12 weeks tomorrow.

Introducing Lucy Rose:img_1783

So Lucy joined us just in time for the holidays. She was welcomed with open arms and two very surprised children.. We didn’t tell them! And since then its like we have a newborn sibling. I have to admit, she is a good puppy so far and I welcome the company as I am home now most of the day by myself. If you ask the kids, they totes love her BUT she definitely takes up a lot of doll playing and x-box playing time around here.

It’s good for them, this new responsibility. They are soooooo very used to doing what they want, when they want; just hibernating in their own little worlds, especially in the winter months when activities slow down ….Lucy’s shaking things up. She’s bringing us together again, playing in the kitchen with the kids as I get dinner together. Forcing us to maybe watch a movie all in the same room and giving us an excuse to go in the back yard and throw around a ball or two. Almost all family activities during the past 2 months have included the little miss including our New Years road trip to visit friends in North Carolina… and she did it! 10+ hours in a packed Ram truck. Fit right in, that little munchie.





She’s a peach. (my new saying for 2017. I don’t know, just go with it.) Although she is no longer allowed on this rug. grrrrr….img_1767

My annual Holiday rewind besides all things Lucy goes a little like this:

Ugly Sweater party: checkimg_2239

Nutcracker and Brunch: check

All the drink options covered here. #winning

Santa Hayride: check*  Santa Brunch: check*

*disclaimer: we’re holding onto all things Santa by a real thin rope… My phase 3er (aka 11 year old…see a previous post) is on the fence if ya know what I mean. Now, nothing was concluded this year BUT I’m glad I have an entire year to come to terms with what lies ahead for next year’s Christmas Magic..

All school concerts, parties, ugly sweater and gingerbread house making: check**

**disclaimer #2: In what will go down as a record breaking year, I did attend EVERY SINGLE thing I was invited to as a parent on the school level. Now, I still have a “no room mom ever” rule so I wasn’t privy to the class parties BUT, I did attend 2 crafting sessions that helped me emerge from my usual “I don’t craft , I delegate the creation of the crafts.” norm.

In both circumstances I had a super fun time because there was the complete absence of rules and “how to” or wrong and right way. There was only childlike creativity which I thought was FANTASTIC and bravo to the teachers. Super fun and inspirational to see. We are lucky enough to live in a school district where we have art classes in school and every year these kids really pull out all the stops due to some very thoughtful and creative teachers. I was so happy to see this continue in the holiday activities. I’m a smidge tired of seeing so many perfectly planned “Pinteresty” crafts that would never come from the imaginations of a grade schooler. Their minds wonder much more abstractly and are naturally less rigid about art and being creative.

5th Grade project: Ugly shirt decorating using whatever you have that mom didn’t want to decorate with to be worn at the holiday concert. 

The beginnings of a 1st grader gingerbread creation…ALL decisions made by miss Eloise, I was only a contracted worker… 

The Masterpiece complete with a lifesaver truck. I loved it so much I made it the centerpiece in the kitchen mixed in among the bottle brush trees and deer antler wreath. 

To put it in terms of a FRIENDS analogy:

Art for a kid should be more Phoebe than Monica 😉

I mean look how little miss Eloise rolls to the Nutcracker at the Academy of Music for crying out loud.

Nobody puts Baby in the Corner

So there ya have it. We completed the festive month with a road trip that had us all shoved in a truck for, like I mentioned before, 10+ hours each way. We survived and had a BLAST visiting with old friends.

Those are “only 4 hours on the road so far” smiles… ha! 

I’ll leave you with a fabulous “craft” idea that was not mine. My friend Sarina told me about it.  Something she heard about from some lady named Martha Stewart  (have you heard of her?) Ha! This craft is actually doable and quite the time/money saver.

So ya know all those beautiful holiday cards that we all display so proudly (at least I do) for the entire month of December?

I always feel so bad but most of the time after the holidays except for some of family and friends that I do frame, they either get shoved in a box or tossed. Don’t lie, you all do it too. I’m not offended. Lets be real. So turns out Martha, (Oh that Martha, what a peach), suggests cutting the well wishes such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Joy to the World” out and saving them to use as package tags for the following year!!!

OMG, she should really do this for a living. (hee hee) Anyway, THAT’S a craft i can get my ass behind. So here you have it…img_2583


Holiday 2016. AAAAAANDDDD Scene!


Cheers to the new year friends, and RIP dear Princess…you inspired me to start writing. xo, friends.img_2445




I don’t do Halloween, part 3.

So this is the third year I’m writing about this and the truth is that I now do Halloween.

After years of diffusing it and making it not so fun… I’m all in. This is partly due to the fact that I now have a few more hours a week (like 15-20) where I’m not commuting on some highway in traffic, drinking black coffee while falling asleep at the wheel, and partly because it seems as though everyone else around me LOVES Halloween. So, I’m in.

I’m still buying my costumes on Amazon, like 12 hours before we need them but some things will never change.

Here’s a peek into how I’m spreading the spook this year…Be kind, I’m a beginner, and I still like things pretty. This will also never ever change.

Let’s work our way outside/in, shall we? Entry: Fall- meets- a very small serving of All Hallows Eve… A witch hat from a primitive craft store on a wreath I use every year in between seasons, some witch hands coming up from the dirt, and the obligatory hanging skeleton/ghost thing. Adding in many interesting and colorful gourds (well at least all the kids could carry to the car), mums, those red spiky things and last but not least, Pumpkins.


Moving inside, the dining room has been done for a while. I like to keep it “Martha spooky” by still using my milk glass and wine barrel lazy susan. I mixed in a few skeleton wine glasses with my vintage etched glass and added some black feathers and a spider web table-cloth for darkness….and of course there’s led twinkle light strands for evening. img_1044img_1043

Kitchen. This will be the main hub for trick or treat night when I usually have a crowd. This table will transform into snack-central. Candy, goldfish and juiceboxes galore. I think I mentioned last year that we reside in THE trick-or-treat neighborhood in town. Like, kids from other neighborhoods get dropped off here. So we host. After the kids go around the blocks twice or three times, they gallivant in the yard after all getting amped up on the sugar, so we adults eat, drink and be merry around the fire pit. There is always an excuse for a party. This lesson we have learned after there are no more babies/toddlers to deal with. (aka phase 1-ers…from an old post;) )

By DAY….


and NIGHT…I filled the hurricanes with plastic spiders and bat lights..wahahahaaaa


I’m sorry but aren’t these the cutest little stupid monster faces?


K. Family room. I never decorated this room for Halloween before. It’s a first. I just used some fabric to spook it up a bit and it also added to the warm and cozy effect. Candles, gourds, garland. Simple stuff.


and night. The only thing missing here on the table is the vino… img_1034

Last but not least I got this phone at target. When you walk by or pick it up it scares the shit out of you. (well, at least the first 3 times) The kids love it. And it’s growing on me too. The whole holiday is actually.

I guess never say never.

xo, friends!img_1021




The funny thing about Homegoods…

….and agreeing to help a friend pick out curtains, is that it can go one of two ways:

  1.  Boring, indecisive, wishy-washy and tears of frustration OR
  2. you pick the right friend, incorporate wine and have a few laughs and get something accomplished all at the same time.

I get this text one day…image

“Nice”, I say. “What else?”. She texts, “That’s where you come in.  You’re good at that, please help me.” hahahahah!! Yes, I do have a lot of experience when it comes to color combos, setting a room, and finding things online…BUT…I’ve always wondered how good I can be at not pushing too much of my own taste on someone who needs a little direction. I guess you can say it’s kind of like styling clothes, but with clothes you’re dealing with body type, fit and personality and function; all variables that narrow the choices a bit. Rooms have the same to do list too as far as fit, function and personality BUT I feel like there’s more room for pushing my own agenda here. Ha!

So why not start with someone who has the balls to tell you you’re nuts or on the other hand, also trust your wildest instincts because she’s seen you at your worst (bathroom on 21st birthday) and best (wedding day)?

The before is simple. Let’s make this makeover a sleepover too! so we start in the backyard with some Rosé and a catch up chat. imageimage

Then we pawn the kids off with her hubs and haul on down to Homegoods in search for curtains and a wall hanging that she fell in love with.

Wellllll, The wall hanging wasn’t as perfect as she remembered and we both fell in love with another piece that was way over budget. So, in a frenzy and a little giggly with rosé brain, we are immediately distracted by THIS… Like, where in the world does this fit in the suburbs of PA? They may need to transfer it across the bridge to a Jersey store…image

Ok after making quite a few friends over this piece, (including a fellow Jersey girl), we get back on task. She already has a few mirrors that she’d like to hang on the wall between the windows so I suggest a mirror over the couch. Now we’re cookin. Mirror in tow, and still making friends, she tells me all about these curtains she loves. And they are lovely.

And tan. And white.

Here’s where my bossy comes in. If you tell me you want to add color and pop, you can’t go with the curtains that are tan and white. And that couch is such a pretty shade of blue. It’s begging for some color to join it in the room. And she’s still giggly about that ferris wheel thing, not to mention the rosé. So I go for broke. Here:image

Note: I am holding those neutral ones off to the side now because clearly, I win and am making a case for COLOR again. We even got some of our new ferris wheel friends to approve. Here we go before she changes her mind, swiftly to check out. Not really sure if the mirror will fit in the car but whatever. We are invincible and our new friends will totes help out if needed. We’re a suburban shopping strip side show. Rosé. 

imageThe stars align and the mirror fits. We go back and eat a fabulous dinner and stay up chatting all night…and completely forget about the room. image

So the next night I get a text…motivation set in and she’s off. All she needed was a little bossy push.

She starts simple by hanging those mirrors as instructed. But those curtains, I’m getting worried as they lay on the arm of the couch…Will she change her mind?? image

And then a few days later I am giddy (no Rosé this time) with glee.. We have a transformed room .imageimageimage

Now all she needs is a little table and possibly a chair. I haven’t told her yet that I really would adore it if the chair was the chatruse color from the curtains and that the table was oval and mid-century style like the sofa and maybe on the gold metallic side of the fence… In my head it’s all working but that’s the problem. No one, not even a bestie can see all the colors working inside my head until I physically walk them through Homegoods after a glass of Rosé.

Cheers to seeing the world through rosé glasses…


xo friends!

dipping my toes back into the water..

You know I couldn’t stay away long….from style, styling, and new products, that is.

But DO NOT PANIC. I am not going back to the mall. I am still part owner of my family business and working from home and watching my kids grow. BUT, I need to be a part of something creative and have been thinking for a while about a few things.

  1. Kids are going back to school.
  3. I need to start thinking about shopping for Christmas and x-box games are $89 each these days for God’s sake. Not to mention Elliemonster’s obsession with American Girl Doll….
  4. Fall turns into winter
  5. WINTER SUCKS. (sorry NE winter lovers, I’m never going to change my mind)
  6. I need to move to the Bahamas… (wait that’s not going to happen yet…)

Hey! (Lightbulb goes off in head), I’ve been stalking this cool new company on FB and Insta for months now and have been craving the product for my own. Not to mention, I’ve admired her style and story for years…India Hicks.

Here’s the scoop:

India is a designer with royal roots (if you’re a royal fanatic you may remember her as one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in that fab ‘80s dress). She’s also the daughter of David Hicks (so if you’re design-obsessed like me you may already be drooling at the thought of her style sense).

Despite that background, India is authentic, hilarious, and smart. She has made her home out of the limelight, on a tiny island in the Bahamas, and with her significant other, raised 5 children without the fanfare of the life she herself grew up in… while keeping her feet firmly rooted in the sand.

And I’ve recently joined a tribe of women who help bring her gorgeous brand into the home.



Here area few glimpses of the beautiful product.


AND Here’s my very own website!!


Let me know what you think! In the next few weeks I’m going to learn some new things, revisit some things that I already know and love how to do and put together my launch party.

I am pretty excited to add on some newness this fall. As always I am a fan of starting all new projects, ideas, endeavors in the Fall. I mean that’s when kids start school, when the September issue of Vogue hits and when we start drinking all things pumpkin.. gag. Sorry, I’m over that custom. 😉 So why not dip, or dive into this? No time like the present to start Multi-tasking again. Stay tuned!

Oh, and you pumpkin people…There are still 22 COUNT THEM, 22 days of SUMMER left!!

xo friendsIMG_1975_1INDIAHICKS-SRPING2016-105


Summer Luvin’ had me a blast…

I came across the most amazing sentence that I can take no credit for but it sums up my occasional “seasonal depression disorder” quite nicely. (This disorder btw, I realize is totally a made up thing in the past decade by us gen-xer’s; always the innovators.) So I’m turning it into a hashtag.


Who said it first? Don’t know but I saw it on ManRepeller’s insta last week and Leandra is my new hero. Gotta love her. I’ve been obsessed with her wit and style for years but recently been relating to her blog a bit more as it encompasses much more lifestyle/family/style etc. than just the “fashion on and off the runway and how we wear it” themes, when it first launched. See it here. I promise it’ll bring a smile.  http://www.manrepeller.com

Commercial break over. Back to my new hashtag. #lovesummerhateeverythingelse

But after a hectic June (school ending, sports winding down), we settled into a mindset and routine. Yes, we still work a lot but we make a hell of a lot of time for fun. If you know me at all, I can juggle with the best of them, so we say YES to all the fun please. Here’s a pictorial collage of the last 2 months of Summer LOVE

LOVE: Crashing Pools with my kids and mobile office on Wednesdays. (and a few Thursdays)image

LOVE: Doing new things with the kids like pond fishing at sunset. image

LOVE: Summer Outdoor Concerts and dancing in the aisles with friends and strangers #spreadthelovetourimage

LOVE: Summer Birthday Celebrations image

LOVE: Beach Days, Beach Vacations, Beach bikes imageimageimage

LOVE: Cousin Time, Family Time, Family that we haven’t seen in forever but get to spend a whole week with Time…whew what a week!imageimageimageimage

LOVE: Time spent with friends that are more like Familyimage

LOVE: Surprise 3rd of July Fireworks out on the boat!!image

LOVE: The Bay, Boats, Sunsets, Docks, Happy Hoursimageimageimage

LOVE: New Traditions like Pontoon Day, and Soccer Tournaments on the beachimageimage

LOVE: My Mom armed with a Selfie Stickimage

LOVE: Rummy on the porch with RyGuyimage

LOVE: Happy Doggies outside all dayimage

LOVE: Very Tired Kidsimage

Now with only 3 weeks left, I have fallen into a frenzy of, “WAIT!!!!! We’re not done yet!!” So we will make the most of the next few weeks sprinkled here and there with school shopping, soccer practices and my obsession with the Rio Olympics.

See you in September people who love to rush through to the next season, but my Bando Planner still says August... so I will plan accordingly 😉image

xo, friends!!





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