xo, cc

” Embrace the Glorious Mess that You Are”

Elizabeth Gilbert

I hope you find this site inspiring and funny and honest. I also hope you will reach out and let me know how I can help you wrangle whatever Gorgeous Chaos you need help with!! Set up a consultation with me… I will bring the clean crafted wine… xo, cc


I’m Carin. I am a working mother of 2 kids: 9 and 14, a 3 year old pug, and wife of my 44 year old husband of 18 years.. 😉

Unfortunately for my loved ones, I’m a Type A on steroids personality, born under the starry eyed, social butterfly, Aquarius sign. So I like to have things organized and pretty and as fun as possible.


This need to be organized and surrounded by pretty things stems from my career as a visual merchandizer/stylist working in retail fashion since I was, ya know, 16. Stores like The Limited at the mall in the early 90’s sucked me right in with their employee discounts. I continued fresh after college at Lilly Pulitzer’s corporate offices (on her first comeback in 1997), continuing onto the likes of J.Crew and Nordstrom. Spending several years traveling up and down the Mid- Atlantic seaboard Window Dressing, Merchandising, traveling to offsite events, fashion shows, store openings, store remodels, store fixture purging, managing and training visual teams, partnering with department managers on their business, creating floor plans, installing overnight holiday and sale set ups on ladders taller than my home at 4am, moving and lifting very heavy objects, learning how to use a chain spreader and a palette jack, dumpster diving, …

OOPS sorry…The list gets less glamorous and more Home Depot as I go down memory lane.

BUT I wouldn’t change my crazy career experiences for anything. If you are lucky enough to do something you love for a living once or even twice in your life here on on earth, you are so very, very lucky.

5 years ago I left the retail world for an absolute life change (and continued this blog I started in 2014 to give myself a creative outlet). I work from home, partnering with my husband and running our family carpet cleaning business. I no longer commute 4 hours a day or work overnights and weekends, and rarely do I find myself needing a chain spreader or palette jack but rather now spend weeknights and weekends at soccer and lax tournaments. So life is just as crazy. It’s all a work in progress.

Loves of my life include, but are not limited to..Don’t laugh, I’m an Aquarius remember!!!!…..family, friends, fashion, home interiors, photography, floral arranging, party planning, online shopping and outdoor shopping (malls piss me off– it’s the PTSD). I also love the beach; correction, ANY beach or body of water in general, boats, pugs, entertaining, and trying to make the most fun out of all situations…to a fault…

I’m like a Mary Tyler-Moore/ Rhoda mix if you will…. I don’t care if I’m dating myself here because there was nothing better in the 80’s than those awesome 70’s sitcom re-runs…..

Ever Evolving…

Besides starting this blog up again after a 3 year hiatus, I’m ready to put my talents back to good use. For a full update see my September 2019 post.. SEPTEMBER REBOOT

I’m ready to yet again, Embrace the Gorgeous Chaos. xo, cc

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