Take me AWAY..

Since my heart belongs to summertime and we don’t live in the Florida Keys (yet), our family, or sometimes just me and my husband, try to plan a warm getaway sometime in the winter. This has gotten increasingly hard as the kids get older because well, I guess school and that learning thing is kinda important.. This year we carved out some time and are about to fly AND sail away to much warmer locations. I’m sure I’ll write about it after but this post is reserved for the pre-shopping and pre-getaway packing.

I love packing for warm vacations. Especially in the winter…although sometimes I get a spray tan just to try on outfits and swimwear so I don’t blind myself…buying Swim suits used to be easier than buying jeans, until age 40. But hey I’m with the mindset of you gotta wear one to get in the water and swim up to that bar for a mai tai or snorkel or swim or have fun with your kids so get yourself a swim suit style and brand you like (just like denim) and buy ALL of them.

I thought I’d share my love of a swimsuit brand that I’ve pretty much stuck with for the past 4 years now. many of you know about them already: CUPSHE. God knows where that name came from but I’ve found success! Now disclaimer… for the tankinis and 2 pieces, you can not mix and match sizes, they come as a set. I do have boobs but they’re not bazookas (I’m really between a b and c cup) and I do have an Italian booty…I am a straight Medium when it comes to the sizing for this brand. Top and Bottom and one piece. In the case that you may need two different sizes, this may not be the brand for you. The tops come with removable pads so in my case I usually take them out but if you need a little extra padding they are perfect. The suits are all lined with a very thick and comfortable fabric. Lots of movement. And never sweaty. OH and I have washed and dried each of them several times and no shrinking or fraying. Here are links to a few of my faves and some in real life pics.

OK Now, This Jersey girl loves a little southern Cali style, especially on vacation… Relaxed pieces that you could wear over your swimsuit or out to happy hour. So let’s talk Billabong for a sec…

Hats. I typically wear baseball hats all summer long. (see pics above) Protecting the face from the UVs is top of the list especially with our excessive tanning history in the 80’s and 90’s right ladies??…The hat below has traveled with me from 3 Jersey Shore towns to Exuma, Bahamas and back and soon, it will be visiting Miami, Mexico, Belize, Honduras with me. It not only gives great shade but since it’s lined with fabric, it completely protects your face and even shoulders, and chest. And the handy dandy string keeps it from flying off when we are on a boat or in windy weather. But how do you pack it you ask? I wear it to the airport and put it under my seat on the plane. easy peasy. See how cute? I couldn’t find the exact one so below is a link to a very similar one.

link for this suit included below 😉

Breezy sweaters…Billabong wins again in this category… linked below is a new off-white one I purchased this year. Goes with bathing suits, shorts, over a sundress, a maxi skirt or jeans. Gonna link it here as well. Fits a bit oversized in the sleeves and blousey just the way I like it. Since Billabong is technically a junior brand it runs a little small so mine is a medium.

Breezy maxi dresses… Billabong wins again! I got this one in the fall actually and wore it already 4-5 times. First time to a christening in September, with bare legs and open toe heels. I also wore it on December 1st for our Anniversary dinner with black tights and thigh high suede boots! Again, medium for me. BUT I washed it in cold and hung to dry. Still kept its shape and size. I’m planning on bringing this puppy with me for a breezy evening on the top deck of the cruise ship where you will find me hiding from my children and sipping a chilled Sav Blanc.

OHHHHH so excited to get away, Except that my closet currently looks like this now. (see below) Anyone have any cool vaca plans this winter? Message me on FB or Insta! I’ll be posting more Vaca inspired pieces on my FB page tomorrow too! Cheers and Happy Weekend!! xo, cc

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