Coffee, Water, Wine (The father, the Son and the Holy Ghost)

…and not necessarily always in that order. 😉

As many of you know, I love recommending products and shopping for other people. I love styling people, giving gifts, lending accessories to friends for occasions, and generally sharing the wealth of my retail experience and shopping addiction. I absolutely love seeing a smile or hearing a little yelp when someone loves the way they look after we search for the perfect outfit or accessory, or when opening a gift they never would have thought to buy themselves, or when I can help someone find a few meaningful pics or artwork to hang in their home. For this reason, I’m going to be sharing more about my favorite things this year. I’ll be providing links on my FB page as well as on the blog and tagging stuff on my Insta. So you can have some not so random references for my sometimes random creative thoughts and projects 😉

And since I do sell that fancy Clean Crafted Vino… (see the link on my home page…) I thought I’d spend a few minutes on the subject of my very favorite liquids as listed above and the accessories I use to contain them. And links will provided so feel free to shop with abandon…

Lets start with my first love…. Black COFFEE. Yes Black. And strong. And usually not flavored. I started drinking it in 1993 while sitting around watching the famous “friends” on that velvet sofa drink coffee and waste the day away, much like we did in college in the 90’s. I started drinking it BLACK when I realized that I couldn’t steal the sugar and milk from the cafeteria and any extra $$ was reserved for new combat boots, slip dresses, black honey Clinique lipstick and the $5 happy hour at the River Deck, so NO ROOM in the funds for coffee accoutrements. My long, lustrous and laborious retail career in the late 90’s-2015 had me HOOKED on skinny lattes. As many as three a day. Making up for that lack of milk in college I guess ha! Post retail, I’m happily back to drinking it black, and at home…. Oh how I love you Coffee.

Since I take it with me everywhere (like my water) I have a favorite receptacle. It sits nicely on my dash in my car and keeps it piping hot..

WATER. It’s necessary. But I happen to always have been a fan. Some people need flavor. Some people need bubbles. Some people need both. I do enjoy a lemon Pellegrino from time to time but I gave up soda and juice for Lent once in high school and never went back. Saving the calories for the vino obvi.. 😉

So in order to make sure I guzzle enough H2O to hydrate after all that black coffee and before binging Neflix with a few glasses of red…I tote my water around in this! (Yes people I also have the trendy Hydroflask like my 9 year old but this one fits in my car cupholder and keeps it just a s cold) She’s a little beat up but I like her 😉

Rose Gold Metallic…Corkcicle Canteen Classic Collection – Water Bottle & Thermos – Triple Insulated Shatterproof Stainless Steel,25 oz: $34.95

WINE. The love affair was bound to happen. It’s in my Italian blood. I must admit though I wasn’t always a fan. She courted me a long time through many bad headache inducing choices… Lessons learned I now enjoy the most, a nice dry red blend or a delicious sav. blanc al fresco, (or I’ll drink it indoors, I’m so not picky hahah) Selling and belonging to Scout and Cellar has taught me about the benefits of Clean Crafted wine and for whatever reason I feel much better in the head and tummy when drinking Clean. Since it is my libation of choice it’s made a real difference. BUT No advertising here..If you’d like to learn more just open up that tab on my home page.

I will share with you though, a few goodies… I discovered a new fave last night. I opened this bottle of Pinot Noir (see below) as I started the series Peaky Blinders on Netflix (sidebar… WHY have I not watched this yet????? There are FIVE seasons to this 1900’s English/Irish mob drama, where have I been??) Anyway, I have never really been a Pinot Noir fan. Except for Meiomi Pinot Noir. That one had me at hello. This wine (at least for my tastebuds) is super comparable and Clean Crafted so winner, winner. I’ve discovered a new Pinot Noir I can love. Like I said link’s provided. You decide 😉

Favorite glasses. Below…Crate and Barrel Camille 23oz. You may recall how the show Scandal made them highly coveted. So of course I had to have them. And now I am on my second set because 6″ stems and klutzy Magee (aka, me) don’t mix well…but aren’t they divine?

$14 Each

Well I recently discovered a less expensive option for klutzes like me who may need to replace yearly (or monthly ha!) Here ya go!

Accessories and gifts! …

I recently brought these coasters (along with wine) to 2 separate favorite things parties. They are so fun and made by a girl in NYC. A small biz with a super kitzchy product, perfect for hostesses and bffs.

Also purchased this year at the beach, was this cutie wine tote. I ended up getting one for my BFF as well for her birthday. They are hand made from boat canvas and leather and sooooo freaking cute. Got mine at BandB south in Ocean City. I took a little close up to show you who makes it…

Ummmm and Have I mentioned to anyone how I transported 8 bottles of my Scout and Cellar wine unharmed to Exuma this summer. 1 car, 2 planes, and one jeep and some rough terrain later…I unpacked and enjoyed them with my mom and Suz all week long! Reusable and Super Duper Thick as Hell. These carriers are the bomb!

Last but certainly not least is how to open those bad boys quick as a bunny (and safe the cork nicely for craft projects…if I did crafts) fave opener below..

Hope you find a new fave here. As always with whatever the occasion or liquid.. Cheers friends!

xo, cc

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