Pillow Talk

It all started with this FB add….

I”ve been pinning a ton of this color lately when looking home furnishings pics. I love that deep turquoise, almost green, but in VELVETS and accented by Fur (faux of course) for fall and into holiday instead of the traditional reds and greens. So of course I look around and my living room is still screaming #lovesummerhateeverythingelse…. story of my life ha! So you guessed it! What’s the cheapest and most efficient way to update your living area from summer to fall?? PILLOWS my friends.

Here we have the before. Island Cottage Vibe, shells and all.

I decided that since the color inspiration was triggered by a post from H&M Home…that’s where I’d start. I was a bit nervous because I’d never ordered from the home store before. Wasn’t sure if it would hold up quality wise….took my chances. I was delighted to see that there were a ton of pillow COVERS to choose from. And they were all pretty lux for the low price when they arrived. Ya see, if you go to most stores, you’ll find accent pillows but not necessarily just the covers. This way, I’m not aimlessly collecting more pillows for which I have no storage, but I’m simply covering up one seasonal look with another. Win, Win.

Here was the final cut

I intended to keep a few original ones as well as pull some from other rooms where I have other accent pillows like my closet/office/guest room… Here’s how it turned out…I swapped out the two large blue paisley ones for 2 velvet black and white Ikea covers I had in my closet, I also incorporated a small sequins one I had on the guest bed. I kept the large blue floral one to keep the feel with the gallery wall above, and covered an old one from my bedroom with the new lux faux fur one from H&M and finally covered the rest of the little ones with the 3 new little velvet ones. Still bright and cheery and same style but more seasonal.

As for the coffee table, side table and mantel, (oops i forgot to post a before of the mantel…but just picture lots of shells surrounding the pics) Here’s the turnout… Went to Trader Joe’s for some essentials for a wine tasting I’m hosting this weekend and found these ADORABLE Day of the Dead succulent pots. $3.99 each. I added this adorable skeleton fashionista I found at Home Goods to an old fall wreath I made a while back and no longer use outside because it’s so dry, it’s literally disintegrating but it still looks good ha! Enter some spooky Halloween Candles, a Sparkle Star garland, some spicy scented candles and Voila… Fall Invasion. Or my version of it. Let’s call it an “ok I accept that the seasons are changing but its still 80 degrees outside and I am not ready for the Thankful and Blessed AF decor yet…” style. 😉

Side note… I’m having a wine tasting sort of open house tomorrow (plook for post next week!) so OF COURSE there are extra florals… I choose Dark Pink and RED Gerbers to mix with dried wheat… Also added a few gourds to the mix in the office. Hopefully it’s not too early and they won’t go rotten before the 31st…

As always please visit my pinterest boards for some more inspiration. Happy Styling! xo, cc

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