Curb Appeal

It has come to my attention that I haven’t put in nearly enough effort in the fall transition on the front porch. Honestly? It’s still summer; Technically AND in my head. Many of you are familiar with my favorite hashtag of all time #lovesummerhateeverythingelse. I can’t take credit for this tag but I do borrow it frequently from the famous fashion blogger/stylist Leandra Medine from the famed Manrepeller site.

I digress. So needless to say I am not ready for orange pumpkins or mums of any sort yet. I hold off on all that until at LEAST October 1st. Something about my Nordstrom training to take one holiday/season at a time. It’s embedded in my soul even though Target put the Christmas section up this week…. aghhhhhh!! But yes, there needs to be a slight changeover since the hybiscus and petunias have burned out and there are no flowers in the front pots, and my summer wreath was a bright white dogwood.

So yesterday,I changed the wreath to my standard Fall (before Thanksgiving), velvet and twiggy swag style wreath from last year; $30 at Homegoods of course… I also added this cute Hello decal (I know so trendy right now). Quite frankly, I ordered it on an Etsy shop so I could get free shipping on something else and had no idea where I was going to put it. It was $3. I teased these pics on Insta yesterday after I realized the pots are lonely and the doormat is harboring mold, ants, moss, and is about 100 lbs. now because its soaked. But it was a start.

With no time to get all fancy with visiting a local farm because, you guessed it, SOCCER, I headed to Home Depot. (I know, shame on me). I was inspired by a few pics I came across on Insta and Pintrerset. No mums, lots of grasses, maybe a few blooms.

Sooooo, I took what I could get and realizing the the temps are going back into the 80’s this coming week I chose some late summer grasses and a ground covering..and without my husband’s green thumb I tossed those puppies in the planters before he could tell me I was doing it wrong. 😉 Here’s what I came up with for $68. 7 plants and 2 cinnamon broom sticks to keep those bugs away. As the weather turns colder I will definitely Add some purple cabbage and then the white and orange pumpkins…followed by the “not so Halloween” Halloween decorations.

Now that that was done…Stepping back I completely forgot about the moldy, mossy doormat…So off to Target I go. There’s no time to wait for a custom Etsy purchase because… we have, You Guessed It! Soccer!!! Here’s what I did… Ive been looking for a larger mat with no luck because I don’t want it to be that thick kind that can get soaked and heavy, and I’d like to get something that is somewhat cleanable. So I chose the large black indoor/outdoor mat (similar to what you’d see in a store entrance.) $19.99 with a 5% cartwheel discount and a 5% redcard discount. Then I layered it with that pretty woven burlap doormat by Magnolia Home. (Oh Joanna and Chip I love you two) $14.99 with a 5% redcard discount. I finished by adding a cute welcome mat to the bottom step. $12.99 with a 5% cartwheel discount and a 5% redcard discount….. for a grand total of $42.21 spent at Target. (in adddition to $100 more on snacks obvi..)

Finally satisfied (for the rest of September at least), I sit down to finish some work and open my emails to find that Anthropologie must be “big bothering” me today because apparently I need one of these to complete the look. Isn’t it so WEIRD when that happens????

Which one should I get??

For more Entryway and early fall inspo, click on these boards on my Pinterest account! Happy September friends!

xo, cc

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6 thoughts on “Curb Appeal

  1. Miss you Carin! Got excited when I saw this in my inbox, you’re back! I love it! Need to plan a dinner if I ever get myself up to KOP or CH! Been FOREVER! 🤗


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