September. Reboot.

Hi. It’s been a bit. Like 3 years. Lets recap…

Sept. 17, 2014 2am. : I started this little lifestyle blog as a creative outlet to my already creative visual merchandising retail career.

March 2015: Broken arm.

June 2015: quit said retail career, joined the carpet cleaning family biz, and continued to blog right here….

Sept. 2015: I was lucky enough to start selling and styling products for India Hicks, dream come true, while still working at the carpet cleaning biz and continued to blog right here….

Jan 2016: quit blog cold turkey. wasn’t feelin’ it. Sorry Princess. This was my last post…

Since then… I’ve been helping friends and fam shop and redecorate rooms in their homes on the fly; planning parties; floral arranging for fundraisers, b-days, communions, hayrides, beef and beers etc..; styling ladies for nights out and weekends away; honing in the art of gift giving (all for hobby), oh and… selling fabulous Clean Crafted Wine!! (which we’ll get into later I promise).

Sept. 1, 2019: I went back to this little bitty blog for a laugh or two with the realization that I’ve still been doing all the things I used to write about but haven’t been sharing it except for bits on Insta and here and there on a closed FB group. Since IH closed her doors this June I’ve been wrestling with what can be next for me creatively? I have cut back on my Insta posts and FB page info because I needed a break, and I realized that I would like to use my professional creative skills, well… professionally again. I already have a domain, and following on all those channels, and its all able to be connected here. so,

Duh Carin. @lifeofgorgeouschaos… the landing spot.

Sept 4th, 2019: School starts tomorrow and so does my new biz.

I’m starting before I’m ready because I thrive under chaos. Ha! I have no service menu yet, nor pricing available BUT Don’t let that stop you from inquiring and spreading the word. In the coming weeks I will be re-doing this site and adding all those things listed above, plus a portfolio of what I can help create. Your favorite Mary Tyler Moore/Rhoda mix is back.

It’s a little bit of all the things I’m good at: a la carte. Tailored to the client and their creative needs. So stay tuned!! And THANK YOU for sticking with me! and Oh Yes…I AM still selling that wine

xo, cc ๐Ÿ˜‰

Published by carin

2 kids, husband, dog, house, family, friends, styling, entertaining, decorating, beach, sun, fun.......working, cleaning, scheduling, Soccer and Lax mom, dropping off, picking up, working cleaning, scheduling.....Gorgeous Chaos.

2 thoughts on “September. Reboot.

  1. Hi CarCar aka CCLove the blog and very happy to see you are off and running with your CC Stylist business. This is you!!! I know you will do exceptionally well because you are my very creative, passionate and talented niece/Godchild. How wonderful that you can share your gifts with others!Wish you much success with “CC Stylist”! Get those cards made! You are needed out there (including 708 Mockingbird Lane!)Love you!MiMi aka Auntie and Godmother


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