dipping my toes back into the water..

You know I couldn’t stay away long….from style, styling, and new products, that is.

But DO NOT PANIC. I am not going back to the mall. I am still part owner of my family business and working from home and watching my kids grow. BUT, I need to be a part of something creative and have been thinking for a while about a few things.

  1. Kids are going back to school.
  3. I need to start thinking about shopping for Christmas and x-box games are $89 each these days for God’s sake. Not to mention Elliemonster’s obsession with American Girl Doll….
  4. Fall turns into winter
  5. WINTER SUCKS. (sorry NE winter lovers, I’m never going to change my mind)
  6. I need to move to the Bahamas… (wait that’s not going to happen yet…)

Hey! (Lightbulb goes off in head), I’ve been stalking this cool new company on FB and Insta for months now and have been craving the product for my own. Not to mention, I’ve admired her style and story for years…India Hicks.

Here’s the scoop:

India is a designer with royal roots (if you’re a royal fanatic you may remember her as one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in that fab ‘80s dress). She’s also the daughter of David Hicks (so if you’re design-obsessed like me you may already be drooling at the thought of her style sense).

Despite that background, India is authentic, hilarious, and smart. She has made her home out of the limelight, on a tiny island in the Bahamas, and with her significant other, raised 5 children without the fanfare of the life she herself grew up in… while keeping her feet firmly rooted in the sand.

And I’ve recently joined a tribe of women who help bring her gorgeous brand into the home.



Here area few glimpses of the beautiful product.


AND Here’s my very own website!!


Let me know what you think! In the next few weeks I’m going to learn some new things, revisit some things that I already know and love how to do and put together my launch party.

I am pretty excited to add on some newness this fall. As always I am a fan of starting all new projects, ideas, endeavors in the Fall. I mean that’s when kids start school, when the September issue of Vogue hits and when we start drinking all things pumpkin.. gag. Sorry, I’m over that custom. 😉 So why not dip, or dive into this? No time like the present to start Multi-tasking again. Stay tuned!

Oh, and you pumpkin people…There are still 22 COUNT THEM, 22 days of SUMMER left!!

xo friendsIMG_1975_1INDIAHICKS-SRPING2016-105


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2 kids, husband, dog, house, family, friends, styling, entertaining, decorating, beach, sun, fun.......working, cleaning, scheduling, Soccer and Lax mom, dropping off, picking up, working cleaning, scheduling.....Gorgeous Chaos.

4 thoughts on “dipping my toes back into the water..

  1. Hi Carin
    Sorry to have missed several blogs..has been a crazy summer! Really enjoyed this blog and Sooooooooo excited for your new venture. It sounds like a wonderful fit for you and the products are lovely. So count your Aunt in for a party preferably after Dec. 6 th when school is over!
    Know you will be a fabulous success…a business woman on several levels coupled with an awesome talent for fashion!! Go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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