Summer Luvin’ had me a blast…

I came across the most amazing sentence that I can take no credit for but it sums up my occasional “seasonal depression disorder” quite nicely. (This disorder btw, I realize is totally a made up thing in the past decade by us gen-xer’s; always the innovators.) So I’m turning it into a hashtag.


Who said it first? Don’t know but I saw it on ManRepeller’s insta last week and Leandra is my new hero. Gotta love her. I’ve been obsessed with her wit and style for years but recently been relating to her blog a bit more as it encompasses much more lifestyle/family/style etc. than just the “fashion on and off the runway and how we wear it” themes, when it first launched. See it here. I promise it’ll bring a smile.

Commercial break over. Back to my new hashtag. #lovesummerhateeverythingelse

But after a hectic June (school ending, sports winding down), we settled into a mindset and routine. Yes, we still work a lot but we make a hell of a lot of time for fun. If you know me at all, I can juggle with the best of them, so we say YES to all the fun please. Here’s a pictorial collage of the last 2 months of Summer LOVE

LOVE: Crashing Pools with my kids and mobile office on Wednesdays. (and a few Thursdays)image

LOVE: Doing new things with the kids like pond fishing at sunset. image

LOVE: Summer Outdoor Concerts and dancing in the aisles with friends and strangers #spreadthelovetourimage

LOVE: Summer Birthday Celebrations image

LOVE: Beach Days, Beach Vacations, Beach bikes imageimageimage

LOVE: Cousin Time, Family Time, Family that we haven’t seen in forever but get to spend a whole week with Time…whew what a week!imageimageimageimage

LOVE: Time spent with friends that are more like Familyimage

LOVE: Surprise 3rd of July Fireworks out on the boat!!image

LOVE: The Bay, Boats, Sunsets, Docks, Happy Hoursimageimageimage

LOVE: New Traditions like Pontoon Day, and Soccer Tournaments on the beachimageimage

LOVE: My Mom armed with a Selfie Stickimage

LOVE: Rummy on the porch with RyGuyimage

LOVE: Happy Doggies outside all dayimage

LOVE: Very Tired Kidsimage

Now with only 3 weeks left, I have fallen into a frenzy of, “WAIT!!!!! We’re not done yet!!” So we will make the most of the next few weeks sprinkled here and there with school shopping, soccer practices and my obsession with the Rio Olympics.

See you in September people who love to rush through to the next season, but my Bando Planner still says August... so I will plan accordingly 😉image

xo, friends!!





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2 kids, husband, dog, house, family, friends, styling, entertaining, decorating, beach, sun, fun.......working, cleaning, scheduling, Soccer and Lax mom, dropping off, picking up, working cleaning, scheduling.....Gorgeous Chaos.

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