Old Habits….Some need to live on.

What inspires you? I know my, kids, my family, yada yada I know… NO. That’s all pretty awesome but, not anything like that. I mean something that only you do, by yourself. To you know get up and move, start a project, learn something new…

For me it’s the start of summer and exercising outside at night; it’s watching old episodes of So You Think You Can Dance with a glass of wine and promising myself to dance again someday; and most importantly for me, it’s reading real live fashion and style magazines…by the stack on a Sunday morning or at the kitchen counter on a Wednesday night and tearing out all the pictures that I am drawn to for whatever reason.

Oh Hello Karl, Muccia and Dolce...These 3 friends are always gracing the first 5 pages...
Oh Hello Karl, Muccia and Dolce…These 3 friends are always gracing the first 5 pages…and I do realize that there is an US Weekly thrown in there. One has to keep up on the celebs as well right?

I know. You’re all,  “You were a student of fashion for the past 25 years so what?” No. That’s not really the point. The point is that it is something I do to get my mind moving in a different direction. The colors, The glossy pages, the many type faces, the small snippet articles that just touch on newness.

Oh Hey Look! Kitten Heels are (FINALLY!!!) Back. It only took 8 or so years.
Oh Hey Look! Kitten Heels are (FINALLY!!!) Back. It only took 8 or so years.

As I sit in my 1993 neon yellow Gotcha T-shirt and Target gym shorts while sitting next to miss Eloise and simultaneously watching Full House re-runs, I can still get a hold on this “world” that to me seems to only exist in pictures. Even while I was still in retail, the whole “fashion world” as it used to be is more a thing of the past or this far away land called Paris.  There’s rarely anything super glamorous anymore in real life and that’s really ok.

But, In the magazines, this world still exists for a select few to live in and for people like me, to watch. Here, I’m still somehow connected to it and it still excites me. And I know, it’s not all that important in the grand scheme (sorry vm friends- not my words)… BUT if you’d care to watch Meryl Streep’s soliloquy as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada where she explains the importance of and just how the people on the street came to wear that “blue sweater”, I dare you to say that fashion is not an important spoke in the cycle.  Here:

Chilling. Anyway, this habit important enough for me to pick up a pen and paper and start writing about something. I can’t always find the time and I truly enjoy writing this little blog of mine. The images get my mind moving forward, my blood flowing, ideas forming for whatever… Maybe inspiration for a new color for the kid’s bathroom or to throw a pretty dinner party (someday) or to plan an outfit around a color or pair of shoes. Or maybe it’s just so I can look at a few pretty pics above my desk from time to time.


STOP IT. I used to touch things like this on a daily basis. 
pretty. glossy. pages.
pretty. glossy. pages.

It’s simple. It’s in my blood and it’s not going away. Just because I’m moving on doesn’t mean I need to discard all that I’ve worked on for the last 25 years. Theres more to be done. In time. For now I’ll keep reading my mags.

When Full House is finally over and Jesse and Joey have taught DJ a life lesson, Eloise sleepily glances over at me and says, “Whatcha doing? Doing your work?” Well put little miss. Why yes, yes I am.

xo friends!


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2 thoughts on “Old Habits….Some need to live on.

  1. Great reflective and insightful blog Carin. You are so correct to know what you are about and how to adapt what you love to where you are is a gift!! Keep it up and never lose the passion for who you are! Love MiMi

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