20 valuable things I’ve learned from MJT

I’m gonna get right to the point; Like my dad always does.

Here are the most important things I’ve learned so far from my dad. Things that he may not have known I was paying attention to. Things that have shaped the way I live my life, make friends, work, and parent my children.

1. Don’t roll your eyes at your parents. Or anyone. (Not a good one to start with as the slow eye roll is a signature move of mine).

2. Keep your elbows off the table and chew with your mouth closed.

3. Be grateful for what you have and don’t ask for a toy every single time we go to K-mart. If you don’t ask and patiently wait through the garden and hardware sections, you may get to pick out a Barbie outfit.

4.Pillow fights are what you can look forward to after daddy has a long day at the office and misses dinner.

5. Get good grades and listen to the teachers/nuns in school. Because I will believe the teachers/nuns and not you. (back when teachers could teach and parents could punish)

6. Stop crying. Slow down. And tell me what happened. I will still Love you no matter what. (insert same convo at ages 5, 16, 21, 33, and 40).

7. Stop listening to adults talk with adults if you are not an adult. GO PLAY.

8. Don’t yell at your mother; Especially after she: took you shopping, threw you a party, made your prom dress, licked all the wedding invitation envelopes etc…

9. Listen intently. Speak intelligently.

10. Follow instructions but don’t be afraid to ask why and how.

11. Work REALLY hard. That way you are able to play hard.

12. If your boyfriend and your friends at 17 years old happen to drop off at you at your parents doorstep after a party and ring the bell and run back to the car before your dad gets to the door…MAYBE you should have re-thought those Bacardi Breezers,

13.  Never borrow money from a friend.

14. Be very cautious about going into business with a friend.

15. Never leave a job without having another one first.

16. If you want to have fun at a social gathering of any kind, do not talk about Politics or Religion.

17. You will probably marry someone very similar to your father. (I thank God I did, dad ;))

18. Family comes first at ALL TIMES. And sometimes your closest friends are just like family.

19. A few drinks on the porch with dad is sometimes more fun than a night out on the town.

20. The door is ALWAYS open for you. Just come home.

Happy fathers Day dad/daddy/pop,

love, me

xo friendsimageimageimage

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