Girls Girls Girls

I’m still home. being home and out of commission has not been all negative. Some positives include:

Making Easter pies on a Tuesday afternoon , getting my son on and off the school bus each day and being a part of the homework process, spending a lot more time with my husband and learning a bit more about his business, (and also learning how to stay out of each others way..), spending a significant amount of time with my mom who is a modern-day cross between Florence Nightingale and Florence Henderson; (we can learn a lot from the baby boomers about caring and generosity and humor and dancing…more to come in a future post). But, I have really gotten to spend a huge amount of quality time with my 4-year-old daughter.

This was something I DID in fact get to do when my son was 4 because luckily I was on maternity leave for an entire summer. And since miss “Eloise” was #2, I most certainly treated it like a 12 week vacation. After given the ok to drive on day 10 after my c-section, you bet your ass I had that Saturn Vue with a sun roof packed to the top with 2 kids, a dog and all the things we needed to stay at the jersey shore for 3 months. Heaven.

This time around I was not super prepared to spend this much time (hurt and immobilized) with my 4-year-old “pinky dinky do”. She is everything you’d expect a younger sis of a 9-year-old brother who plays 15 sports all year round:

Fun, feisty, chatty, scrappy, strong, a little bit girly, and very much her own person. imageimage

She goes to preschool of course and is really used to being out of the house with other kids and teachers for like 12 hours at a time. (Mom is in retail remember and dad has his own biz). But we’ve been picking her up earlier and taking her out here and there to spend QT with me. 

I’m a girl. And totally a girly girl in most ways, But I always thought I was better at being a boy’s mom. No nonsense, get dirty, not a lot of chatter, straight to the point, those boys are. I love ’em. Ry-guy was a “leave me alone in the dirt for 4 hours and then maybe I’ll come over and give you a hug” kinda kid. So I had a lot of “me” time in between and didn’t have to answer any life-altering questions. Because even though I’m a social butterfly.. I REALLY LIKE QUIET TIME.

Sweet 4-year-old girls are quite different, especially if vying for the attention because older bro gets most of it. Oiy vey, the constant questions AND the long narrative dissertations about what she is going to do next.

But oh how enchanting and charming she is with her facial expressions and sideways glances when she catches you watching her play dolls or schoolhouse or store or basketball (and basketball with the dolls). imageimage

She gets right in the middle of things and has no fear. She has learned to ride a bike, swim and hit a baseball much faster and with more vigor than her older brother. Her eyes are enormous and smile so teethy. Her hair.

Her HAIR.. Has the most f-ing perfect Carmel highlights. They would most likely cost upwards of $200 (not including cut). image

I have learned that unlike boys, 4-year-old girls listen more intensely and remember every last detail of what happened yesterday, last week, last month. Even if they weren’t supposed to be listening. And in the same respect; she never shuts up. image

She frequently stops me during the course of the day to hug me or tell me she loves me so much and to the moon and all the planets.

She also thinks I’m pretty. Even when I’m not.

I’m terrified that in 8-9 short years she will hate me and all my opinions.

I will continue to get along with her until we don’t for a while and like me and my mom I’m sure we’ll find our way back to one another. We are very much the same. image

I’m very grateful that I got to spend some of year 4 with my spunky monkey just a like I did with my first. They say all things happen for a reason. They always do.

Xo friends! image

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