curve balls

So, last Monday this happened 

black ice sucks

and now I will look like this for a good portion of spring 2015:"ootd" for say, the next 40 days

“ootd” for say, the next 40 days

Way to greet year 40 right? I had so many plans and things I was looking forward to doing and working on the next couple of months before the summer; trips, house projects, exercise regimens; the list goes on. I’m a planner remember?

I’ve been forced to put all of that aside for a moment in time and sit. And heal, so that I can do all these things in the same way that I’m accustomed to. Talk about 180 degree shift. My usual hair on fire schedule went to: “I can’t even wash my own hair”.

So I’m going to listen and do what I’m told because I WILL go back to my “normal” but this may have been a sign to bring my “normal” and all the expectations and standards I have for my life down a notch or two from super-human to well, maybe Wonder Woman’s first cousin once removed.

I’ll share some of the things I’ve been able to do to keep my mind going and spirits up. First and foremost the family, friends and neighbors that have been dropping in to feed, decorate, clean, deal with the kids schedules and just sit with me are enough to pull me out of any funk I may have been falling towards. Also, My other half is on nightingale duty as well and can now do a pretty perfect pony tail on both me and my little Eloise. I haven’t asked him to apply my mascara yet though…

The house is full of cheery flowers, balloons and cardsimage



I have been trying to get dressed everyday (And yes unfortunately, under these circumstances leggings ARE pants); as well as keep a really good skin care routine. I’ve been barefaced but making sure I moisturize and cleanse (see earlier posts) as well as do a little concealing and highlighting for all the drop in visitors so I don’t look like the walking dead..Plus, I can’t help it; products make me happy:

so my hands and skin stay soft and toned
so my hands and skin stay soft and toned
for the dark circles, and uneven post winter/pre-pring face
for the dark circles, and uneven post winter/pre-spring face
bare as bare can be
bare as bare can be

I’m eating healthy and staying hydrated..and keeping up with all the “stuff” that feeds my creative soulimage

contemplating ordering these shorts... kind of obsessed
contemplating ordering these shorts… kind of obsessed

I’ve also learned about this cool app that prints your Instagram photos into hard bound book,including captions, dates and location. It’s called Chatbooks $6 (shipping included) gets you a 60 page book and they can put you on a schedule too so that they automatically send one to you every time you have 60 more pics! There are also options to make custom books as well. Pretty cool huh?


Lastly, I’m going to make more of an effort to practice what I preach around the house:



So stay tuned…more to come from the home front. Wish me luck. In the words of Ferris Bueller….


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4 thoughts on “curve balls

  1. I feel so bad for you bc your like me – I dont sit still unless I am on a far far away island !! And my sole sister for fashion — leggings everyday !! That is what might push you over the edge .

    I promise to come and sit and chat next week – when it doesn’t snow in spring anymore !! Maybe you could learn to bead? You are left handed !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carin! Omg, I know exactly how you feel right now. It’s amazing how your perspective changes on so many levels. I hope you get better soon & hope to see you soon! Take it easy, you are supposed to now. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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