105 days till Memorial Day

and 11 days till 40.

Random thoughts tonight. Ready?image

I’ve been obsessing over Breakfast At Tiffany’s lately (again) and I need to carve out some time to watch it this weekend. So many great lines, scenes, life lessons in there. A real good winter sunday movie. You think it’s all light and quirky but the moody sneaks up on you and makes you think. Kind of like a grey winter day.

Also on my snuggle up movie list in no particular order:

When Harry Met Sally, Funny Girl, Rebel Without a Cause, Bonnie and Clyde, Singles, High Fidelity, For the Love of the Game, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Love Actually, Stealing Home, Peggy Sue Got Married, Pretty Woman, The Breakfast Club, Almost Famous, The Great Gatsby (both the Robert Redford one and The Leo DiCaprio one), and Great Expectations (with Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow) happy viewing…

The fake Blizzard of 2015 came and went this week making for some real waste of time and some fun too. Sometimes I like it when the weather makes us stop. (even when it’s not real weather, but the weather people apologized and I forgive them) For starters, I made some boulanaise, and opened up a favorite bottle of red:


Kids had great time playing in the whopping 3 inches. (I know, last year we were crying for it to stop; this year we’re all “can we please get a blizzard already? I got new boots!”)image

But you see like mother like daughter..we’re soooo not winter people.


I did a little face maintenance this week as well. I’m now addicted to all things Glamglow. http://www.glamglowmud.com


These are just a few samples. I think I may have joined the party a little late on this one as I am usually up on the latest skin care phenom, BUT good LORD, the youth mud is something you must try. There is a warning on the label that it “tingles”. Well, I must harbor a lot of toxins because tingle was an understatement but in a good way. After I washed it off my skin was so soft and sort of dare I say, glowing. I mean, as much as it can in January in the North East. The eye cream is equally as delightful. As I’ve said before…eye cream, every day people. Go get it.


Let’s just say it’s been a slowdown this week.

It won’t be slow for long, in fact I think every weekend is booked from now until Memorial Day and the sports are about to start up again too. I can appreciate the slow snow days and make the most of them but my heart, my heart belongs to the summer. I’m also in a major fashion rut at the moment but today managed to pull out a little sass. The heels help. They always do. Also, I think I get more done when I’m wearing heels, whether they’re leopard or not 😉image

OOH and how are these for a case of the “mean reds”?

Fall 2015 Dior. Yes Please.

xo friends!


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