i like to look at you.

Collection: a number of things collected or assembled together. things gathered in to a mass or pile. see also: Accumulation

I collect stuff. I think we all do in some way. These days it seems the only things that I collect are laundry, sports equipment and crumbs in the kitchen BUT… BK (before kids) I did acquire a few collections that I adore to this day and someday would like to start up again.

The problem is that I seldom find myself wandering around a vintage store or antique market these days and if I am I’m usually so overwhelmed I end up with nothing but a soft pretzel and a latte.

When collecting, I tend to display them in groups. I also try to find uses for some things too while they’re in the group. (like for storage etc) It’s function, order mixed with a little chaos.

When we purchased our first home, (a 1920’s cape cod that was full of cute details and lots of wainscoting), I already knew it would be colorful; Brightly colored walls and white trim. But I wanted to balance the walls with some white.

Milk Glass, and lots of it would fill my red and white kitchen! I have loved milk glass since I was little and have a few pieces that used to be in my nana’s house as well. In our second house the collection is more broken up, but still collections in their own right.

DSC_0090 DSC_0091

The dining room holds vases on display and the rest I use for entertaining, but it can still be seen and adds bright white accents to the room.


DSC_0100Moving upstairs I use a few pieces to hold jewelry and in the bathroom to hold hair stuff. There is even a beautiful lamp that used to belong to my friend’s mom-mom. Her mom knew I loved milk glass and when she passed, gave it to me because she knew I’d display it. Pieces that belonged to people I know are my favorite. DSC_0102

Oh, there’s another little dish. I guess you could say that perfume is another one of my “collections”.image

In the kitchen I have a few vases in the corner to hold the plants that I kill every 5 months. I try so hard but I’m not the one with the green thumb. P.S.- How fantastic is that pic in the background of my nana and her 2 sisters at a graduation party in the 90’s? I especially love the plastic Miller Lite cup. It’s probably whiskey. You go aunt Caroline 😉

Moving to another collection. When I got engaged, I didn’t register for China. I wanted to collect vintage Pink Depression Glass instead. This is  collection that I would truly love to grow. My mom and dad gave us enough at my shower to use for small dinner parties and I love them. They are so dainty and we really don’t use it all that often but when I set the table with them, it really looks beautiful.

DSC_0095 DSC_0094

In the “wearable” category, I have several collections. When you like the way something looks on you, go for it right? Ha!

Well, I know we’ve discussed this one before…

It's sort of a problem. But not really if you consider it's a neutral...
It’s sort of a problem. But not really if you consider it’s a neutral…


Vintage bags. Colorful and sometimes straw or wicker. I also have no means by which to display them yet. You see, I STILL haven’t finished my closet. So, here they are from 2 different points of view. Closet floor and foyer floor. Worth noting: that little gold sequin mesh bag? from my senior prom 1993. I bought it at a thrift store back then, circa early 80’s. It accompanied me with a long red halter dress my mom made, gold platforms and gold vintage 1960’s gloves. Use your imagination. Photo is sooo not available…. DSC_0109 DSC_0114 DSC_0119

A super favorite item I used to request as a gift or buy for myself once in a while were fashion coffee table books. I had quite a collection going. Truth is I know there are more somewhere but as I said before, the closet is not finished. So right now I have them tucked away in corners. Some of them  hold up my vintage bags and jewelry vessels as well. I haven’t opened them in a long time. Soon… when there are no sporting events to attend. For now I like to look at them stacked, and waiting to be re-read or discovered by a new fashionista someday….DSC_0131

Let’s talk anchors. I like anchors. All kinds. (It’s a boater thing). So I’ve started to accumulate some in the jewelry category. After I had our son, my husband bought me a very dainty diamond anchor necklace that I rarely take off and the collection grew from there. DSC_0141 DSC_0160

More on the jewelry front: vintage pins. It started with plastic 50’s pins and evolved into sparkle and shine pins from the 50’s thru the 80’s. Of course the flamingo is my favorite. DSC_0108

For our wedding I bought all of my bridesmaids a vintage pin and a vintage beaded handbag. A lot of them still have them today and often message me when they wear them. That was the point; to evoke a  memory. image image

Collections are cool. Little personal snippets of a life curated.

what are your favorite collections?image image

xoxo friends!

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