from Dinner to DVR in 6 easy steps.

Weeknights. Winter Weeknights. I have to say even though I (and every other mom I know) complains about driving around from activity to activity, sometimes when there are none on a work/school night, it’s harder to get anything done without mass chaos. I like to have a routine and we pretty much stick to the same one when there’s nothing going on. But there is something so unmotivating about the dishes, showers, homework coupled with all the “extra” in-between tasks like feed the dog, let kids have a snack (or 3) and wipe a nose or butt if needed before getting to sit down for an hour at 10pm and drink a glass of wine while folding 3 loads of laundry. (sorry it’s the truth)

So the following steps are to help it go by faster and maybe even have a little fun and laugh. Imagine that; at 7pm on a Thursday? Oh nooo. I’ve been up since 5am. Not going to happen. But yes. Yes it can.

You can vary these to your personal taste but I highly recommend some variation of the following 6 steps.


Scene: Dishes are in the sink. Table is full of food and so is the floor. Set your Pandora to a 3 artist station (for way more variety) You can do this by adding on to an already existing station! I know! Amazing.

Anyway my favorite station for these chores is: Maroon 5 mixed with U2 and Otis Redding. DO IT.

First of all, Maroon 5 will get you moving. Next, you will hear things you haven’t heard since high school and college. I assume most of us are in the same age bracket.  U2’s Achtung Baby, Depeche Mode’s Violator, The Cure, The Police etc. I had a small out-of-body when I heard Tears for Fears followed by Asia’s hit, “Heat of the Moment”. I meeeean. Then, Otis and friends come in. It’s the ultimate playlist of 50’s-60’s soul. Al Greene, Sam Cooke, 4 Tops. STILL DANCING. Oh, and so is this one with her American Girl Doll, Emily:DSC_0060


Twinkle lights stay up the whole winter long. Put them somewhere in the kitchen. Because they’re pretty. Also, I’m not a big fan of a lot of bright light at night. These are the only lights that stay on in the kitchen at night once I finally sit down. Remember when your mom used to say, “The kitchen is closed”, and then she’d turn out the lights and you couldn’t have anymore snacks? Right. We all listened too. These modern minions don’t. But the lights are pretty. DSC_0055


Some caffeine; only if you can stand it and not be up till 4am. If not then decaf will do. The point is to have something warm and cozy and good for you. It will also help curb your craving for those cookies you just gave the kids. I like Simply Balanced Green Mint Tea. (Target) In a pretty cup that men or kids don’t ever use. DSC_0059

Step 4:

Move it on upstairs. Let them watch a show or 2. We like Jesse. “hey jesse, it feels like a party everyday, hey jesse!” oops, I think I may like her more than the kids but that’s besides the point. Also, be sure to confiscate all the electronics except the one they’re watching of course.DSC_0076

There are many steps in-between like homework, showers, blah blah, but hopefully that’s all underway with a few check-ins in the middle of your dancing/ kitchen clean up/ make the lunches/ clean the floor party of one.


If you can get away for 5 minutes; go take care of your face. Yep. It’s winter. You’re skin is dry as a bone. You’ve been in and out of the cold today and your makeup looks hideous by now. Take it off, wash your face and moisturize. It’s very important and the ritual can be very relaxing. I’m a cosmo/skin care junkie so bear with me if you’re not so much. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

Major disclaimer before you think I’m all snobby about my products: I work in retail and get a discount and also manage to get some free swag from time to time so I do like an array of products and some are pricier than others. Use whatever you like that doesn’t make you breakout or dry you out. These are my faves:


I can not say enough about Kate Somerville products. Clean, simple, not perfumey. If you want to splurge big time, it’s worth it. Otherwise my middle of the road is always Kiehl’s facial wash and toner. Good old standby’s are Clinique and Target Brand (much like Neutragena)

Moisturizer and Eye Cream:DSC_0085

Again Kate Somerville is my fave. Age Arrest is the product and it comes in eye cram and face cream. Another splurge and honorable mention is Nars. The product is called Aqua Gel Luminous Mask and it’s really luxurious. Old Favorites are of course Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer in oil-free. All of these and the cleansers can be found at  Also, a true surprise but delight, Ponds still makes an amazing “cold cream” like our moms and grandmoms used to use. I usually pick up a bunch of travel size ones (they’re like $2 and keep them in all my bags. I never feel greasy or break out from this classic either.

As for eye cream, DO NOT skip it. It works! Some of the ones I use are Kiehl’s Midnight recovery, and Kate Somerville Age Arrest.

Hey, If you want to see some of my other cosmetics and skin care favorites, follow my Pinterest board:

Commercial over.


Pop on your fuzzy slippers. I LOVE THESE:


They are ugliest things I’ve ever put on my feet but Holy Moly, so comfy.

Well it’s time for those chicklets to go to bed. Bathroom, teeth, read a book  and lights out or on depending on kid. You now need to sit down, pour a libation (or not; you don’t judge me, I don’t judge you) and turn on a mindless show and fold that laundry.

Happy Thursday hot mammas!DSC_0048image

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