January Mood Swings

Not in such an excellent mood tonight. Back to work tomorrow. Well, I would have been in a better mood had I not spent the last 5 days sick as a dog. And completely in denial about being sick as a dog for the first 3 days of being sick. So I did too much. So it goes. Doesn’t matter, if I was at work I probably wouldn’t have stayed at home anyway.

So I thought I’d just jot down some happy thoughts to try to get me out of this funk (by 5am tomorrow) so I can start my work year off with a good attitude. Hey, I always said this blog would be honest right? Let’s see If I can happy myself up a bit in the next few paragraphs. Warning: this post will be random . No real theme here. A couple of mini ones…

First: I did some semi crafty things in the past 12 days that made me smile.  The disclaimer here is that I tend not to “craft”. I decorate, rearrange, create, but no crafting skills. I’m way too impatient and don’t like sticky messes. Also, as I’ve said before Pinterest is the devil. I love it but I can not with the crafts.

“craft” #1: My new years eve kids selfie station.

Minimal work, some dollar store glitter, garland and props but it did the trick. Kids made it work, PJ’s and all.

image image image image image


“craft” #2 my first ceramic attempt

So you go to these places and the possibilities are endless. It seems simple, you choose something and paint it. Well.

Do you choose something to give as a gift and make it super personalized and special? Do you choose something decorative for your home and hope that it comes out looking like more than a kid’s craft? Do you choose something practical that may be of some use and still be pretty to look at? OR do you (NO) do as the lady working there says and “ooh take a look at our inspiration board on Pinterest!” Alice, you will never come out of that rabbit hole before they close the studio.

I choose practical. A simple berry bowl. It’s square so it’s not tricky. I picked a bright orange and was assured that after it was fired up it would be bright orange. I haven’t picked it up yet so we shall see…..but I kind of like the way it turned out. Simple, but quirky.

mmm only 5 months till Jersey Strawberries…

image image image


I received a really sweet and fun gift to kick off the “year of 40” the other day that I thought I’d share because it was truly personal, crafty, creative and thoughtful and I wish I would have thought of it first. Because, I will be trying to fill the fun and thoughtful 40-year-old gifts SEVERAL times this year. (you all know who you are).


I want to do a post on gift giving soon, I need to collect more thoughts and pics on what I’m getting at and how to really know what the receiver may want. I’ve been working on gift giving for a while. I think I’m getting pretty good at it. It’s not about the amount spent. It’s certainly not about what YOU may like. It’s about the other person.  These were 2 that really made me smile because I get to look at them everyday on my desk and smile when I think of the giver and how they know me so well. I still have to get an amazing frame for the print but all those things are my favorites. And I love the visual reminder.

DSC_0045 DSC_0041 DSC_0040

Finally this was a shot from today, late afternoon. My little “Eloise” reading me her Fancy Nancy book under the twinkling lights while I went down that rabbit hole I like to call Pinterest.image

Happy Monday. I feel much better now.

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