It was all a dream Alice….

Day 1. Year 40.

I’m going to slowly crawl out of the rabbit hole I like to call Holiday 2014…and recap. Truth be told, I had zero free time to post any thoughts during the last month. I tried. I sooo did try.

I scratched some ideas down in my notebook for posts titled, “a few of my favorite things”, “Hostess gifts the Hostess really wants to get”, and even one titled, “I don’t bake, I sauté”. Maybe one day I’ll post them or not. But the intention was there. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day. And I require about 5 1/2 hours of sleep.

So, today I’m going to start the first day of my 40th year with a look back on the last Holiday season in my 30’s. Here we go!

It all began with a very special Santa Breakfast with Nana and Pop…

DSC_0920 DSC_0901

Next up, Find the tree, get the tree home and decorate the tree. The kids picked it out this year and decorated it all by themselves (except the lights; maybe next year they can swing that too) It was a lovely tree.

image image

Next, time to bake all the cookies with cousins and Nana. Baking, not being a specialty of mine means I play the role of  a sous chef, mixing batter and bloody marys (for the grownups), and cleaning up little faces when they are covered with chocolate.



There was a short but fun lunch and shopping trip with old friends to one of my favorite places. Terrain. It’s a visual wonderland during the holidays (and the rest of the year to be honest).




Finally got around to wrapping gifts; over the course of 3 weeks and mostly at 11pm.




There was a quick trip to DC for work and I was lucky to stay at the stunning and historical Hotel Monaco. I didn’t take enough pics… go here to see the gorgeous rooms and lobby.


There was an Ugly Sweater party, which I chose to channel my inner 80’s girl by wearing some vintage 80’s (and 60’s) attire.  What does the fox say again?

imageAnd we finally made it to my favorite day. Nutcracker day. Magic as always. Eloise in the grand ballroom…. carrying on traditions.


A lovely gift inside and out from my team at work. Feeding my need for sparkly, shiny objects, and twine. image

Did we make it to Christmas Eve yet??? yes. Dinner? Check. (Note the mug; my don’t mess with me mug full of black coffee) Gifts with Grammy?Check. Santa? Check. Wine and It’s a Wonderful Life viewing? Check. image image


image image

Here’s where it really speeds up. Christmas Day went by like wild-fire. At home and at Nana and Pops house. I tried to really soak up one of the last years when both kids truly “believe”. The last 9 years have gone by so fast. I can’t imagine a year when they won’t be running into our room at 7am screaming “santa was here!!!!”.



Rounding out Christmas week in-between working (retail remember) we got to visit Pop Pop at his lake house…


and go to Frozen on Ice with some besties and the rest of the ti-state area. For real though, it was an amazing show. I mean Disney rules the free world as far as I’m concerned.

image image

If that’s not enough we finished the season and year by celebrating the new year at home. Of course I took that as an opportunity to add more lights, and a selfie station for the kiddos. Happy 2015!!


DSC_1142 DSC_1139

image image

Whew….I’m exhausted. But also excited. Excited to celebrate lots of new things this year. 40 is lurking around the corner. Sorry, lurking sounds ominous.

Let’s try: 40 is sitting quietly with her hands folded in the corner ready to start the party. Let’s do it 40. I’m ready.


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3 thoughts on “It was all a dream Alice….

  1. another great blog…don’t know how you do all you do! You’ll love the 40’s!
    The best to you in 2015!
    Love MiMi


    1. Wow what an awesome blog Carin!
      Love how you decorate your home for Christmas and New Years!! Why did I think you were away for NY Eve???
      Looks like you created magical holidays for your family ! Keep the blogs coming !!
      Love MiMu


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