unwritten rules

So, I am a total rule follower (that damn catholic school education again). But when it comes to my wardrobe, I have never been. In fact, most of my life I’ve been skirting around all the rules. For example in high-school when all the girls were wearing their preppy Sebegos, I choose a platform lace up. And in the late 90’s it was all black and minimalism, I was in full color mixing bright pattern on pattern….therefore landing my first job out of college with Lilly Pulitzer. Go figure.

But as the season changes this year to more fall like temps, I’ve been noticing that I do very well have some clear-cut “rules” when it comes to dressing. They are all my own and though I’ve never sat down to write them out or even spoken most out loud, they are there, in the air, as I shop and dress.

I rarely break these “rules” as they help me stick to the best styled version of myself, save me money on trends I will never look good in or need, and help define my personal style. I don’t often think about them, it’s all pretty unconscious, but it works.

Here goes. Let’s take a walk down Instagram land Pinterest lane shall we…

1. When the temps turn cold enough for tights, black tights only. Opaque. No hose. Black tights or bare legs. Occasionally, the black ankle sock with booties…. See it gets a little hazy in my rules. But that’s why they’re mine. No judging. You all have your own quirks.image

Like mother like daughter
Like mother like daughter

2. My bag of choice is a tote. I have no time for all the hardware and zipper stuff. Time is precious. I toss it all in a tote. It helps that I’m soooo not a label girl, ’cause that cuts out my need for a designer bag. Not that there’s anything wrong with that my gorgeous label carrying bag friends. You know who you are…I also love vintage clutches for times when there is no need for room for extra toddler underpants or fruit-rollups . So there. Tote or vintage clutch.

3. Black ponytail holders only. My hair is up like 90% of the time and I’m almost 40 so black pony tail holders only. But yes to colorful hair wraps, headbands etc.

4. Ok ready? White after Labor Day but not before Easter. Don’t ask. Rule breaker makes a new rule.

5. Most of my denim is cropped or rolled once if not cropped and always paired with the following: ballet flats, converse, or kitten heels. This doesn’t count the frigid days where boots are necessary but I do have a NO UGGS ever rule. It’s really because I’ve gone this long without them and have been dealing with them in retail for so long that I can not give into the trend. I simply will not. It’s too late now. No offense to the UGG lovers. A lot of you are my dear friends.

2 1/2 years ago
2 1/2 years ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago


6. Speaking of denim. Denim jackets can go with any outfit. I repeat, any outfit. Try it. It’s a winner ever time. I swear.



7. Dark eyes or dark lips. Never both. For me. But try it. It’s nice to highlight one feature instead of everything at once. It softens your look.

8. I follow a similar rule with jewelry too. Earrings or necklace, never both. Unless I’m wearing a small stud or it’s a really fancy occasion.

9. No brown pants. EVER. I have a thing against them.

10. As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral. Goes with all colors. Not just cause I’m a jersey girl. Slightly obsessed though.

It's sort of a problem. But not really if you consider it's a neutral...
It’s sort of a problem. But not really if you consider it’s a neutral…
Again. Like mother, like daughter.
Again. Like mother, like daughter.

Bonus #11. Black coffee, water, red wine. Every day. 😉

what are some of your wardrobe rules?

xo friends!

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2 thoughts on “unwritten rules

  1. We are so similar it’s scary .. I agree on all but the white ( I love my white jeans in the winter ) and I like white wine !!!

    You know leopard is my best friend –
    Pick wisely on both jewels and makeup –
    Always cute shoes with jeans – never ” athletic sneakers ”
    and uggs … Don’t even get me going !!!
    And I would have probably voiced “my rules my opinion” on yoga pants !!!!!!

    Well done .


    1. Hahahah! Yeah I stop wearing white white somewhere around Xmas.
      But- I forgot about yoga pants…
      -in the house
      -outside with kids
      -10pm target run

      Hee hee! Good catch Jo!


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