If you can’t beat ’em, Order it on Amazon.

Halloween has never been my favorite. It was never my mom’s favorite so maybe that’s where I get it from. I mean it’s ok. I just was never really a huge fan.
1. I don’t like being cold and it’s usually the first freezing night. And every costume I ever had growing up was pretty much ruined by thermal underwear and turtlenecks.

dancer stuffed with thermal underwear
dancer stuffed with thermal underwear- 1984

2. I don’t like being scared. At all.
3. Unless you gave me Twix or Reces Pieces I can’t with the candy.

College Halloween was no better for me because there was all this pressure to go to the “most fun” party or bar and the most creative I ever got with a costume was to wear my catholic school uniform and pigtails. The whole night was too hyped up and never ended up as fun as intended.

Fast forward 15-20 years later…
When you have kids it starts to be a little more fun. When they’re babies you dress them up, take a few pics and call it a night.

When the school parties and parades start, then the day takes on a life of its own.

To begin the day, there’s a rush rush to get from parade to parade (in between working all day)… My super-powered mom guilt makes me  manage somehow to make it to both schools in two different towns as well as work a full day in yet another town.

God bless the room moms who work so hard on the creative and fun parties because that’s really beyond my realm. For example, I signed up to bring in a box of GoGurt for my daughter’s pre-k party. I proceeded to write it on my hand so I would remember to write it in my planner. I have since then washed my hand, completely forgetting to write it in the planner. Even now as I write this, days later, I’ll forget it and end up running to the store the morning of the party at 6am after remembering only when I see the sign up sheet on the door at drop off. But I’m getting off track here. God bless the room moms… Later in the day, we are finally home long enough just to shove hot dogs down and decide who’s going to walk the kids around while the other stays at the house to give out all the sugar.

I’ve never tried these but obviously Pinterest thinks it’s a fabulously easy thing to do and I should be doing this to my hot dogs on Halloween. Maybe someday I’ll do it; or maybe they’ll have them at a school party or dance instead. Nevertheless, here’s some inspiration I pinned 5 years ago.


Now for the main event. Let me break it down for you. Our neighborhood on Halloween night is like the one in the scene from E.T. Seriously. Like, kids from other parts of the county get dropped OFF to trick or treat here. I spend $80 on candy. There are houses that have more decorations than Christmas and parents have gatherings and bonfires in their driveways. (Ummm guilty as charged for the last one). Thank god for the curfew because by 8:30 we’re out of candy and quite possibly have been out to WAWA to get more. Aghh.

hee hee. Sorry. Come on, you’re totally laughing too.

My decorations pretty much consist of a few pumpkins, a glittery ghost, some stick on bats and a few signs. I love decorating for fall but have learned to mix in a few halloweeny touches for the kids. I know. I’m a Halloween Scrooge. Self admitted and not ashamed. Here’s a peek. Trust me, I save all the real effort for the Elf on the Shelf and Christmas. I mean at least that lasts for a whole month!

a glittery ghost
stick on bats
stick on bats
stuffed witches hat
stuffed witches hat


I gave up a while ago (like after my first one turned 3), the pursuit of trying to make the perfect Pinterest costume or making healthy little goodie bags for the trick or treaters. As much as I would liked to have continued the tradition of homemade costumes, I succumbed to my son being three different types of plastic and stretchy jersey ninjas between the ages of 5-8. I’ve learned that the point is for the kids to enjoy it and parents not to stress out over trying to make things perfect. So this year when my darling 4-year-old daughter told me that instead of Disney’s Doc Mc Stuffins or Dora the Explorer she’d rather be Queen Padme Amidala from Star Wars the Clone Wars, I just smiled and pressed the “add to cart” button on Amazon and expedited the shipping once again.

Happy Halloween friends! Enjoy the madness while they are young!

Plo Koon and Queen Padame
Plo Koon and Queen Padame

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5 thoughts on “If you can’t beat ’em, Order it on Amazon.

    1. I hit reply too quick..
      I resorted to the cart with Amazon too…
      Storm Trooper and a mermaid…
      In the past I tried to push my kids to be sonething that they have, this year I let them pick…

      Happy Halloween, never liked the holiday either… And too like you was a catholic school girl all my college years

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