sunset 6pm tuesday

Look up. From your phone, iPad, laptop, whatever. Get up and go outside. That’s what we did this weekend. And what we will be doing every weekend until Mother Nature kicks us IN. Winter weather is weeks away, unfortunately. I know, I’m saying this and right now I’m sitting next to my screen door that is open at 9pm and the forecast tomorrow is 75 and sunny. The whole weekend was like that too. But even though we were in tank tops and shorts at the soccer fields, in approximately 3 weeks I will be buried under a blanket and scarf and Northface jacket, still cheering loudly, but mostly wishing for a fireplace and warmer socks.

So gather up your crew the coming weekends or even use what is left of the weeknights daylight, and get out there. Here’s some inspiration for ya:

after soccer game #1 Saturday. 1st fall farm visit of the season.
after soccer game #1 Saturday. 1st fall farm visit of the season
decisions, decisions
decisions, decisions
kitty's all "please, no photos, I'm napping"
kitty’s all “please, no photos, I’m napping”
flip flops and muscle shirts. and pumpkins.
flip-flops and muscle shirts. and pumpkins.

Follow this by grilled cheeses and beers (and lemonade for the kiddos) Saturday. Done.

For Sunday’s outdoor activity, before soccer game #2, the boys played basketball at home while I took my girl (who is soooo not a shopper) to an amazing outdoor vintage and craft show. I crossed my fingers for no tantrums and minimal snack stops, because this is one of my all-time favorite activities that I NEVER do anymore. But we need to initiate the little miss because she’s 4 and it’s time.

We got to visit with an amazing friend of mine from college who was showing her jewelry there. She is one of the most talented and creative people I know. (and I know a lot of talented and creative people) Here’s a couple peeks and some more inspiration.

eyeing up the baubles many baubles...
mmmm….so many baubles…
helping Aunt Jo bag the baubles for customers
here's the bauble I choose. Go Big or Go Home. (Findings Jewelry http//
here’s the bauble I choose. Go Big or Go Home. (Findings Jewelry

Sunday. Done. (well not before soccer and then a backyard bbq, fire pit and football of course but you get the idea)

For some weeknight outdoor inspiration here’s the following suggestion. Get outside before the light is all gone. I’m not gonna lie. Losing daylight is the most horrible thing about fall for me. UGH. I’m a total summer girl. I love 9pm sunsets. So, you can understand that I get a little sad when I’m running (sooo not a real runner…I try my best, and I only run outside) the sun sets at 6:30, then 6 then 5:30 etc… But, I’m gonna soak it up till its gone.

If I reach the top of the hill on a certain farm country road…this is what I get to see…

sunset 6:00pm
sunset 6:00 pm

So. Lesson today: Look Up. Get Outside.

Oops, I almost forgot. I wore my sparkly new baubles with an equally sparkly top today. When Tuesday starts at 5:30am and is followed by an hour and 1/2 commute, you bet your ass I’m going for maximum sparkle. 😉


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