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 Ok so let me first say that I have dabbled in the floral industry. I have worked on many weddings and events, alongside people who are actual talented floral artists. And I worked enough times to be able to fake it till I actually knew how to make already beautiful flowers into beautiful arrangements. But there is something to be said for the supermarket flowers. I feel like we need to talk about this.

Flowers are expensive. But we all deserve to have a little pretty arrangement to look at while we watch Scandal or make lunches for the next day. That’s where the 3 for $12 supermarket flower deal comes in. And if you don’t worry about rules, which I rarely do, arranging them can be relaxing and fun.


Last Sunday, I had exactly 1 hour to get some food for the week before we had to be at the soccer field (Yep total soccer mom as well, but we’ll get into that later).  Since I  rarely do anything leisurely, I ran into Shoprite on a mission once again to realize quick shopping is not something that one should attempt on a Sunday morning in suburbia. Distracted and overwhelmed by the masses, the first thing I saw was the floral corner. Of course I get sidetracked because my head is saying… “Get in, get out” but there’s a little voice in there also that says: “These poor supermarket flowers look sad. They could use a little styling. I can help some of them” Sure, why not bring home a project I have no time to complete. So I do. For a total of $12 I chose some green and white mums, and a bundle of coral mini roses.

Of course I don’t have a before pic because I’m new to this. And they sat on the counter in a cup full of water throughout the soccer game and all through the dinner I had with my family, my brother’s family and my parents.

When I finally got around to doing them it was about 9pm; before the lunch prep of course. I mean really, let’s prioritize here.

The point is I wanted to share this so you can see what supermarket flowers have the potential to be…


When I brought them home they were a little dried out in the stem and leaf area and needed to drink clean water. The trick is to take off all the crap. Cut them short and stick to keeping “likes with likes” (it’s a retail thing, remember I’m a merchandiser, I will use some terms from time to time it’s just me). By keeping the arrangements pure and small, they will look more expensive and actually last longer.


And I looked at this little beauty the entire time I was making the lunches for Monday. At 11pm.


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One thought on “Shoprite Flowers

  1. Wow Carin! Always knew you were multi talented but did not know you are a writer as well…another one of your many creative talents! Enjoyed the article and since I too love flowers will now make sure I do not bypass the flowers on my next hurried market visit! Keep up the great work! Very proud of you! Love Aunt MiMi


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